Happy Halloween from ALEX Toys

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Fun Halloween Jokes:

Why did the vampire go to the orthodontist?
To improve his bite.

How do witches keep their hair in place while flying?
With scare spray.

Why don’t skeletons ever go out on the town?
Because they don’t have any body to go out with.

What does the papa ghost say to his family when driving?
Fasten your sheet belts.



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The winners for the ALEX Ready, Set, Create contest have been chosen! We’d like to extend a big “thank you” to everyone who entered.

The winners are…


1st Place: Castle by Shilat. Age – 3. Florida. Submitted by Parents Aida and Juan Carlos

fall colors

2nd Place: Fall Colors Salad Spinner Art by Sydney. Age – 3. Missouri. Submitted by Mom Shannon


3rd Place: I Love Toys by Lady Xeona. Age – 3 ½. Submitted by Parent – J. Maree


Sew, What’s So Important About Family Time?

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Recently Cindy from SkiptoMyLou.org  wrote a wonderful review of the ALEX Toys Sew Fun Sewing Machine. The photos of Cindy, her husband, and her children enjoying the Sew Fun Sewing Machine are great.  Last week we posted about how dads can get into arts and crafts fun. This week, take time as a family to engage in some family fun. It may be difficult at first to find a quiet moment but if you make this a regular part of your routine soon it will be strange not to have it.

Ideas for Family Fun Time:

-Implement a weekly game night!

-Laugh over silly memories while creating a family scrapbook: http://www.alextoys.com/product/132736/106/_/My_Scrapbook

-Winter is almost here. How about embroider, weave or needlepoint together in front of a cozy fire?: http://www.alextoys.com/product/132740/395F/_/Simply_Needlepoint_-_Flower

Read Cindy’s review here: http://www.skiptomylou.org/2009/09/15/sewing-with-kids/

Friday Fun Recipe: Pizza Faces

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Friday Fun Recipe: Pizza Faces

Let the kids create individual pizza faces using the veggies and meats as the eyes, noses, and mouths. Encourage them to re-create their own faces and when the pizzas are baked ask a third party to guess whose pizza matches which pizza!


-store bought pizza dough

-pizza sauce

-an assortment of toppings including sliced olives, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, sausage and more.

Roll out the small individual dough circles on a floured surface. Place the toppings, sauce, and cheese within your child’s/children’s reach.

Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes or according to the package’s instructions.


For more pizza fun check out the ALEX Toys My Sticker Art! Create 4 colorful pictures with hundreds of stickers in four fun themes: pizza, cookies, city and garden!

Ask Nurit: Newborns

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Dear Nurit,

I’ve read the baby books and heard advice from a variety of experts. If you had to sum up the needs of a newborn in a few words what would you say they are?

Cuddles, cuddles, and more cuddles. All a newborn needs outside of food, clothing, and shelter is to feel safe and secure in her environment. Skin to skin touch, hearing your voice, and lots of hugs from people who love her help build a foundation of healthy development that she can build on as she grows.

Dads & Crafts

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Think craft time with the kids is just for moms? Think again! Arts & crafts are a great way for dads to bond with their children. Whether it’s through painting or forming masterpieces out of dough or clay, creative endeavors done as a dad and child team will create memories and help you understand your child’s unique personality on a deeper level.

Fun ALEX Crafts to dive into with dad:

E-I-E-I-Dough: http://www.alextoys.com/product/126960/526W/_/E-I-E-I_Dough

Home Tweet Home: http://www.alextoys.com/product/132738/663W/_/Home_Tweet_Home

Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes: http://www.alextoys.com/product/132735/192W/_/Fold_N_Fly_Paper_Airplanes

Friday Fun!

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Did you know…

Eggy-Peggy is a secret language used mostly in England. Add “egg” before each vowel.
Example: Seggantegga Cleggaeggusegge eggis ceggommegging teggo teggown

Translation:  Santa Claus Is coming to town.

Source: www.familyfunhouston.com

Ask Nurit: Remembering to Play

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Dear Nurit,

I’ve heard much talk about the importance of play in children but in a world of schedules, television, and video games, how do I help develop a love of free play in my children?

Even in a world of flashy electronics and schedules it is possible for any child to appreciate and love free play because it is in their nature. Easy ways to ensure that your children have the freedom to enjoy creative play starts with giving them unhindered time to explore on their own and develop their creativity.

Four Easy Ways to Keep Play Alive:

-Take regular walks around the neighborhood. Take time to point out leaves, sticks, and other parts of nature. Make up stories about the scenes surrounding you.

-Make sure your child has downtime on the weekends by keeping classes and meetings during the week.

-When your kids invite their friends over create a safe, clean space for them to play and leave out craft supplies, board games, balls and other ingredients for fun.

-Let your own inner child come out! Spend an hour in the bedsheet fort your child has created. Climb a tree. Redevelop a love for brightly colored construction paper.

– Nurit

nature kids

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