Dear Nurit: Gifts for Teachers

December 15, 2009 at 10:25 | Posted in ALEX Toys, Holidays | Leave a comment
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Dear Nurit,

What is a good holiday gift for my child’s teacher? We want to give something more meaningful than a gift card to our local coffee shop but also want to be sure it’s something she’ll use. Any tips?

Giving your child’s teacher a gift before the Christmas break is a wonderful way to show him or her that you truly appreciate the impact they are making in their student’s lives. There is so much on your agenda leading up to the holidays that this can seem like just another source of stress but it doesn’t have to be. Below are some tried and true holiday gift ideas for your favorite educator.

1. A Designer Pen: With papers to grade and notes to write, a special pen will make any teacher feel cared about. Hopefully they’ll remember who the gift came from when writing progress reports!

2. Cashmere Gloves: If you live in an area with frigid temps this gift will be sure to warm the heart and hands of your child’s teacher.

3. Gift Cards: They may seem generic but gift cards to coffee shops and bookstores are perfect when you’re not sure of a gift receivers taste.

4. Box of Chocolates: An attractively wrapped box of chocolates is an A+ gift because even if your child’s teacher doesn’t enjoy sweets, they can easily regift!

Things to consider:

1. To protect themselves from colds and the flu, many teachers do not consume homemade treats.

2. On the day before the holiday break your teacher will be lugging many gifts home; keep them small, compact, and imperishable.

3. Talk to your child about why you are purchasing a gift for their teacher and year-round ways they can show their educators that they are appreciated.

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