Friday Fun: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! With about two weeks until the big day, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you’d like to celebrate with your children.

The final product!

Chocolate covered strawberries are an easy, fun, and delicious way to enjoy February 14th with your youngest Valentines. Try the simple recipe below! If you can’t get strawberries in the winter, try dipping marshmallows, pretzels…whatever sounds good to you!

What you need:

12oz good quality semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 tablespoons of butter
1 quart of strawberries

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Ask Nurit: Scrapbooking. Fun?

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Dear Nurit,

I’ve been looking for a fun way to help my tween preserve her memories. Scrapbooking sounds fun but the technical side of cutting photos, buying the ribbons, stickers, and decorations for the pages would be a bit daunting for my 10 year-old. How can I introduce her to scrapbooking in a way that won’t require multiple trips to the craft store or a Fine Arts degree?

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Friday Fun: Random Facts

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Who doesn’t love a piece of whimsical information? Wow your kids at the dinner table with these ones!

Fun Random Facts

– Karaoke means “empty orchestra” in Japan
-Cats sleep 16-18 hours a day
-Every year about 98% of the atoms in your body are replaced
-American cars beep in the tone of F
-Elephants are the only mammals that can’t jump

Ask Nurit: Boys & Crafts

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Dear Nurit,

It seems as if most crafting websites and groups are geared towards girls. I have a very enthusiastic crafting son who has had enough of the pink and purple themed crafting supplies. Do you have any suggestions?

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5 Reasons to Start Crafting Now

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kids crafting

5. Spending time crafting with your child encourages him or her to open up and talk to you.

4. You’re creating memories and keepsakes at the same time.

3. Children are naturally creative. Crafting encourages them to express themselves.

2. Quell sibling rivalries by helping them create a communal piece of art.

1. While your child is creating something wonderful you’ll never hear, “I’m bored!”

*photo from

Babble & Droolicious, Heart Tin Tea Set

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Elizabeth Leach of Babble’s Droolicious wrote a flattering review about the ALEX Toys Heart Tin Tea Set.

Made from durable tin, there’s no need to worry about pieces breaking and the colorful design will help set the mood for a whimsical and playful treat of tea and pretend cookies.”

Tea party play is a favorite amongst creative young children. To learn more about the ALEX Toys Heart Tin Tea Set go here:

Read the rest of the review here:

Ask Nurit: Sharing is Caring

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Dear Nurit,

I have two children 2 and 5. They usually play quite well together but as my youngest has grown in awareness she’s become somewhat grabby with communal toys. My 5 year-old is being as gracious as his age level allows him to be but I can tell he’s getting frustrated. How can I help my toddler learn to share?

Sharing is a developmental process that comes with time, patience, and guidance. Here are a few tips that will make learning to share less stressful for everyone.

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Friday Fun: Easy Taco Night

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This week’s Ask Nurit was all about how to establish family dinners. If you’re looking for a fun, casual dinner idea that the whole family will enjoy consider having a regular Taco Night! These south of the border culinary treats are not only customizable to the pickiest eater’s specifications, they’re easy to make and everyone can help. photo

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ALEX Toys on Fox 4 News

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Watch this Fox 4 News Kansas City segment on the topic of gift ideas for girls. Whether you’re attending a birthday party or just want to surprise a special little girl in your life, these items are sure to be a big hit.

Products featured:

Sweetheart Cafe:

Spiffy Spa- Assortment:

Patchwork Quilt:

Ask Nurit: Making Family Meals Work

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Dear Nurit,

It’s my New Year’s Resolution to get my family eating together more often. To be honest, our dining table serves as more of a place for mail and coats rather than a center of togetherness. Do you have any tips for making this happen?

Eating dinner as a family is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children. It will strengthen your family’s bond and encourage healthy eating habits. These days many parents find that sitting down together for dinner is difficult due to busy schedules, team practices, and a lack of planning. Here are a few tips to make sure your resolution is one you can keep.

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