Ask Nurit: My Baby Can’t Read

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Dear Nurit,

I’m the parent of a 3 year-old boy who is feeling the pressure to teach my son to read. Whether it is an infomercial promising to create a little reader out of my toddler or just the voice in the back of my head wanting him to succeed in life, I’m getting anxious. How can I help my son love books?

So serious!

A love of reading is truly a gift that parents can pass along to their pre-readers. At this stage in your child’s development don’t worry about creating the next Eric Carle. Just make it fun.

Depending on your local library’s policy, your son may be eligible for a library card of his own. If so, sign him up for one. Visit the library regularly and let him check out several books at a time. Read everyday whether in the morning during breakfast or in the evening right before bed.

Take the initiative and put books in front of your child that follow the subject matter he’s currently passionate about. Does he love cooking? Check out a cookbook and make a point of reading the recipe aloud at every step. Is he in to trucks? Surprise him with a book that includes photos of several kinds of vehicles.

Children naturally learn when they are having fun so don’t worry about formulas and worksheets at this point. Enjoy where your child is developmentally and meet him there.

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