To Grandmother’s House We Go!

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Dear Nurit,

My children love to spend time at grandma and grandpa’s house, but their home is anything but child friendly. I spend our whole visits fretting about them potentially knocking over an expensive vase or breaking the crystal candy dishes. My parents love their grandchildren but also enjoy having nice things. How can I make their visits more fun and less worrisome?

Full of love? Yes. Child-friendly? No.

Great question! Children will often find themselves in a home or environment that isn’t set up to accommodate them. If it is a place
they visit often, such as the home of a close family member, it’s wise
to establish an agreement with the home owner before the next interaction.

Call grandma and grandpa and express your concerns. Ask which rooms are off limits to the children and which area of the home your kids can play in during family gatherings. Pack a few simple toys, crayons, paper, and non-messy snacks when you visit. If your children are preschool-aged or older, explain to them that they need to walk, not run and how to ask before touching something.

Weather permitting, try to keep the children outside. If they burn off energy outside, they’ll be less likely to attempt to juggle the candy dishes.

Have fun!

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