Contest: We’re looking for our June Birthday Boy or Girl of the Month!

June 3, 2011 at 13:36 | Posted in ALEX Toys, Contests | 27 Comments

We at ALEX Toys love birthdays! Balloons, smiles, games- how can we not get excited when our youngest customers step into a new year of life?

Every month we select one child to send a birthday gift to.

Does your child have a June birthday?

How to enter: Post a comment with the age your little one is turning along with a link to an ALEX Toys product that you love. Please choose from:

One person’s child will be sent a special birthday gift!

The winner is Ludicrouss Mama with the email address: ludi******** Please email Thank you for entering, everyone. 🙂


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  1. My son is turning 3 and he would LOVE THIS!

  2. She’s turning five:

    And this would be great because mom and dad also play in a darts league!

  3. Marion is turned 2 years old on june 1st 2011… She loved alex toys and we have a lot in the bathroom.. My other daughter (9 years old) play a lot with alex toys too.. We absolutely love ALEX TOYS.. She would like this one for her birhdtah…
    I havent find it yet in store :

    It’s a bugs in the tub.. She will love it for her birhtday…

    Thanks so much…

    Severine gander

  4. My middle son, Zackary, will be turning “2” years old on June 11th. I would love to get him the Magnetic Art Easel.
    He is always wanting to color and paint. This would be perfect for my little artist. Happy Birthday to all the June Kids 🙂

  5. Our daughter, Cadence, will be turning THREE on June 28th! Time sure has flown by! We love our ALEX Toys “String My ABC’s” set! Cadence received it as a gift for her first Birthday and is STILL in love it! It really is an activity that grows with your child.

  6. My jilly bean is turning 3 on June 22! I love her so much and she deserves the world. Her pretend play is a joy to watch and i hope her curiosity never stops!

  7. Today (June 3) is My daughter Madeline’s Birthday. She turned one.
    We love having picnics! Love the Picnic Basket

  8. Brady turned 5 on June 1st.

  9. My Calleigh will be 4 on the 21st! This year she actually learned the day to go along with the month when someone asks when her birthday is!! 🙂 Calleigh loves to color…and loves the car valet!


    My daughter Addy is 6 on June 9. She loves being active, I could see her walking around the neighborhood on those stilts.

  11. My son is turning 3 on June 20th! He likes the My Bubble Mower.

  12. Oh my God…Alex toys r just like heaven to my son,he’s turning 2 on the 15th of june he would love to have Stickers_For_The_Tube on his birthday

  13. My son just turned 2 on June 8 and he got the Rainbow Rollers from his grandma in NM. (We are in CA.) Unfortunately the cars rarely make it past the second switch-back — like only one out of 102 tries stay on the tracks, and the double car has never stayed on. Based on customer reviews from your retailers, it doesn’t sound like this is normal.

    Since it was bought at a store very far away, can I exchange it somewhere locally? What’s the best way to handle this?

  14. My little guy turns 4 on June 22nd -we are planning a summer vacation and he would love this for the car

  15. My son just turned six this month and really wants to learn how to knit. This would be a perfect gift for him!

  16. My son Nicklas just turned 1 on June 2nd. He would love:

    He loves animals, especially dogs!

  17. My son is turning 4 yrs old on June 18….He has been diagnosed with the 22q syndrome at 3yrs old….He has never had a real birthday party because he was always too sick but this year it will be celebrated 🙂 He would love this:

  18. My daughter will be 4 this June ! She would be head over heels for this:

  19. My daughter, Olivia, is turning two tomorrow! She LOVES arts and crafts so I know she would love this: !

  20. We LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the craft kits. The ribbon flip flops are so fun to make and wear. Love a dual purpose toy! The Alex toy that we use daily is the bath version of paper dolls. Great toy for a variety of ages.
    Ella is going to be 5 on June 27th and is so lucky to have a local toy store that carries Alex toys. Thanks for all the great products.

  21. K turned 2 on June 1st!!
    She loves your bath toys and art tools. She would love


  22. Anoushka turned 8 on Friday 17th June and one of gifts was the Flip’em Flops! She loves them so much that I Googled your products and have found a treasure trove of amazing products!
    WOW! What wonderful items to choose from but I think I will have to say she would love either

    I do hope she is the lucky little girl to receive one of these lovely gifts!
    Thanks you!

  23. My daughter turned 3 on June 7. I can’t pick just one favorite! She loves her Moody Monsters games, making faces with her Moody Monsters bath stickers (D/C’d,) building with her tub town blocks (D/C’d,) and she especially loves doing all the new “big girl” activities in her new Ready, Set, School box she got from Grandpa for her birthday.
    Probably the one thing she would want the most is a little tin or ceramic tea set. One sized for her to use with her friends.

  24. Archer Beeme just turned TWO on Friday! The party theme fit him perfectly, Things That Go!

  25. My daughter Piper Carol just turned two on June 24th.
    Most of her bath toys include Alex toys she loves them!

  26. my little Jilly Bean Turns 3! Her favorite thing to do is paint in the bathtub!

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