Contest: We’re looking for our July Birthday Boy or Girl of the Month!

July 1, 2011 at 12:33 | Posted in ALEX Toys, Contests | 31 Comments

We at ALEX Toys love birthdays! Balloons, smiles, games- how can we not get excited when our youngest customers step into a new year of life?

Every month we select one child to send a birthday gift to. Does your child have a July birthday?

How to enter: Post a comment with the age your little one is turning along with a link to an ALEX Toys product that you love. Please choose from:

One person’s child will be sent a special birthday gift!

The winner of the ALEX July Birthday giveaway is Melissa and her daughter Olivia who turned 4 on July 9th. Olivia chose the ALEX Yum Yum Crafty Fun kit as her prize. Congratulations!


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  1. My son David is turning two this month and I know he’d love this Alex Toys Tub Island Racing Around Set: Island – Racing Around/part_number=809R/

  2. My little guy will turn 5 this July. He is totally in love with this parking garage.
    We own the Jungle Marble maze and several other ALEX products and love them all.

  3. My son Quinn is turning 5!! and we love

  4. Jude is turning 4 years old on July 18th. We were concerned about some fine motor delay and some late preschool skills so we purchased the Ready, Set, School set. He has now caught up and we feel confident that he will be ready for K4 this year. Plus, he LOVES the activities! I know he will continue to develop those fine motor skills with this peg toy:
    Thanks so much for providing such great toys!

  5. My little gitl is turning 3! and we love
    we go to the Zoo to celebrate her birthday every year and this brings the animals home with us!

  6. My son Lewis is turning 5 in July too. We would love some Tub Tunes!

  7. My daughter is turning 4 🙂

    She loves playing outside and would love the

    Such fun!!

  8. My son was exicted on his 5th birthday as i had bought Parking Garage and car combo sets for him.

  9. My son was exicted on his 5th birthday as i had bought Parking Garage and car combo sets for him

  10. My son Oliver will be 2 on July 20th! We love The Moody Monsters match game! His big brother got it for his 3rd birthday back in Feb and whe all play it together!
    We love Alex Toys!

  11. My son cole is turning 5 on 7/21 and would love the Build & Roll – Robot. He is always collecting things to build his robot

    mellanhead74 at

  12. LOL Unfortunately (for me) my July baby, Alexander, is no longer a baby 🙂 He is now officially a teenager – turned 13 on the 10th. Even though he’s not a young un – he still is quite the crafty crafter and loves stuff like

  13. My little man, Andrew, is turning the big 1 this month! I’m sure you have something for tiny tots, but the link to the toys to choose from is broken. ( “Not Found, Error 404”) We love Alex Toys!

    • Hi Janet. Thank you for telling us about the link. It’s all fixed now. Thanks again and good luck!

  14. I have two little ones born in July. Both on July 11th. They were twins, Taylor my daughter and Braxton my son. There’s so many amazing things to choose from but I think this umbrella would be Awsome!!!!

    • Oops – both urned 2 this year!!!!

  15. My son Gavi will be turning 5 this month on the 24th. Time flies right?!

  16. My daughter is turning 3 on Tuesday. She would like the ABC – 123 – First Words.

  17. Kadyn turned 1 on July 2nd. He loves toys and games that have action, and the result is a hysterical, contagious laugh. I think he would love to watch the RAINBOW ROLLERS transfer from one level to the next.

  18. Olivia turned 4 on July 9th! I know she’d love this Yum Yum Crafty Fun kit!

    My Daughter Courtlynn turns ONE on July 19th!!!

  20. my daughter would absolutely love the shrinky dinks. she turned 4 earlier this month.

  21. My Daughter turned 9 on July 7! she would love the time 2 change watch kit.
    thank you for the chance to win for her.

  22. Little Elvis turned 5 on the 19th..and he’d love this!

  23. Isaiah will be turning three this month and I think he would really like the Learn to Dress Monkey. He loves to play with big sisters dolls.

  24. I forgot to include the link for Isaiah:

    Now, his big sister will be turning 5 this month and I think she would love to show off her art work in this

  25. My last July bday is Samuel and I just couldn’t decide between these two things:
    and this one

  26. My “baby” is turned 7 this month and she is a big fan of many of the Alex craft items. One she hasn’t seen, but would love is
    This Dylan’s candy bag is right up her alley! She loves candy and wants a new school bag~perfect!
    Love this monthly contest!

  27. My daughter turned 12 on July 16!! She loves all of your products and would love anyo of you awesome craft kits! She would love to do a craft with her younger brother who is 3 as she is such a wonderful big sister!! She even bought him something on her birthday and it has become his second lovey!! I just love my daughter!! :o)

  28. My daughter will turn 4 on July 29th. She would absolutely adore the Paint A Zoo kit She loves to do crafts and your kits great for her to do that.

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