I Bag Your Pardon!

July 12, 2011 at 15:00 | Posted in Family Time, Kid's Arts & Crafts, Little Hands, Play@Home Mom | 2 Comments

We LOVE doing crafts at our house. I am a crafter (for work and pleasure) and my daughters, Lori, age 4, and Julie, age 1.5, come running over to join in whenever I break out my supplies. That is probably why I’m obsessed with the ALEX Little Hands craft kits; they are all projects that Lori can do on her own, without creating a huge mess, and be proud of. We recently tried out the Paper Bag Puppets kit – check it out…

When she opened the box, we found 5 individually packed projects. Every paper bag comes with the corresponding stickers and punch-outs that are needed to craft them into adorable animals! The kit also includes colorful picture instructions and jumbo-sized glue stick. Lori was thrilled that the glue stick was bright pink and dried clear.

Paper Bag Puppets

She got started right away with punching out all the paper shapes, and then she glued them onto the correct parts of the bag. The picture instructions were simple enough for Lori to follow; I even heard her saying to herself “Oh now I figured it out!” After all the legs, arms, eyes and tails were glued on, she got to decorate her puppet with tons of stickers!

Paper Bag Puppets

Paper Bag Puppets

Lori got a kick out of making her new animal puppets talk and made a puppet show for her little sister!

Paper Bag Puppets

We even had a few stickers left over, which we used to turn a paper grocery bag into a GIANT monster puppet! Get inspired to up-cycle some paper bags you have lying around the house too.

Paper Bag Puppets

Now that is one cute little bag lady!

Here are three reasons why I love this product:

1) Super Organized: each project individually wrapped.
2) Sets up child for success: even if you child isn’t a mini Van Gogh they will still be able to make these puppets look adorable.
3) High Play Value: After the project is complete, the fun isn’t over. Have a puppet show!


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  1. the girls are adorable! who knew decorating paper bags could be so fun AND cute!

    • Thank you Sarah! 🙂

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