Tips on How to Survive a Road Trip!

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This summer, our family decided to take a long road trip! I was a bit nervous about traveling with the two girls (Lori, 4 years and Julie, 18 months). We don’t have a mini-van or fancy backseat DVD players; we just have our trusty sedan. But with some advance planning, clever packing, and a few tricks up my sleeve, we happily made it to our destination. You can too!

Sometimes if Julie is feeling sad in the car, Lori sings to her to cheer her up. It is so sweet! This time, Lori and I sat down the day before our trip and made a “play list” of songs that she could sing to Julie. We made sure to draw little pictures with ALEX® Crayons and My Scribble Pad to reference the songs; this way Lori could “read” them herself.

ALEX Car Valet

I figured the ALEX® Car Valet would be the perfect item to bring with us on the road, especially since Lori is a coloring fanatic! I packed up all the pockets and pouches with paper, coloring books, crayons and markers a few days before our trip. The morning before we left, I attached it to the back of the front seat of my car. Lori was so excited to find it in front of her seat when she got in the car!

ALEX Car Valet

ALEX Car Valet

The Car Valet worked perfectly and gave Lori a steady surface to color on during the ride. Her song “playlist” even fit into the front sleeve so she could look at it while the car valet was zipped closed.
ALEX Car Valet

Here are a few pointers (that worked for me!) to keep in mind while preparing for a successful road trip with your family:

1. Get your kids involved in the planning. Have them think about what would be fun to bring in the car and do together while buckled in.

2. Little Surprises. A little positive reinforcement of good behavior goes a long way (like, a couple hundred miles!). My girls behaved really nicely for the first few hours of the trip, so I told them I was very proud of them and gave them a little dress-up necklace from the dollar store. It worked like a charm – no pun intended!

3. Quiet Play. Stock your car with lots of quiet activities so you can have some quiet playtime. Books, crayons and paper, stickers and travel-sized games are all great options.

4. Snacks, snacks and more snacks! Did I mention snacks? Not just for the kids – the driver and the front seat passenger have to be happy too!

Do you have suggestions for a stress-free ride? Please share!

Good luck and let me know how it goes!!

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