Perfect Day for a Picnic!

July 18, 2011 at 12:42 | Posted in Outside Play, Play@Home Mom | 2 Comments

After days and days of rain it was finally gorgeous outside today, so we decided to have a picnic. A pretend picnic, of course!

ALEX Picnic Basket

I gave Lori her new ALEX Picnic Basket and she was SO excited to open it right up. She laid out the little tablecloth and set up the saucers and cups for all us girls to enjoy! The picnic set has bright and pretty colors. The best part is that the cups and plates are made of tin so they can’t break and they still make fun clinking sounds when you make a toast. Julie totally loved that part!

ALEX Picnic Basket

The girls had a blast stirring and sipping make-believe drinks and sampling pretend snacks. This picnic basket really encouraged them to use their imaginations and have fun – total success! Next time we can invite some friends, or even teddy bears, to join us – there were enough pieces for 4 picnic-goers.

It was even fun for the girls to pack up all the dishes – the plates have their own special place in the basket which Lori thought was really neat!

ALEX Picnic Basket

Can’t wait to bring this along on a real picnic soon…

ALEX Picnic Basket

Do you have any plans for a picnic?

Here are some of the reasons why I love this product:

  1. Portability – take it with you anywhere (I’m thinking about keeping it in my trunk for impromptu picnics!)
  2. Durability – none of the parts seem to be breakable
  3. Encourages imaginative play


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  1. Can you use it with real food and drink?

    • We recommend it for pretend play, but we have tested FDA requirements and have passing results.

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