An Order of Imaginative Play Coming Right Up!

July 28, 2011 at 11:29 | Posted in Play@Home Mom, Reviews | 2 Comments

We love pretend play in our house! Lori (age 4) loves to make believe it is someone’s birthday. She likes “packing” up all her toys in bags to get ready for an imaginary trip. And one of her favorite themes is making believe that she is a doctor who needs to give her patients lots of shots to make them feel better.

On a recent play date with her adorable classmate, Aeden, I knew it was the perfect time to break out the ALEX Sweetheart Café! The girls were so excited to see what was inside.

ALEX Sweetheart Cafe

They opened up the package, put on the hats and aprons, and set up the plates, cups, placemats, food and more – just like at a real restaurant. They even invited Monkey to join them at their table!

ALEX Sweetheart Cafe

Aeden pretended to be the waitress first (we try to always give first choice to guests at our house). She gave Lori the menu, which had pictures of all the different items to order (Lori can’t read yet). Aeden wrote down what she wanted (and by “wrote down” I mean doodled some squiggly lines) and came back with her order – it was so cute!

ALEX Sweetheart Cafe

Lori even got to “pay” for her meal with a pretend credit card that came included. I hope that she gave Aeden a nice tip! Next it was Lori’s turn to be the waitress. She recommended the “specials” from the menu.

The girls’ favorite part was writing down each other’s order. The kit comes with a cute Sweetheart Café pad and pencil for taking orders.

ALEX Sweetheart Cafe

All that was left was to relax and enjoy the “home-cooked” meal. Bon appétit!

Here’s why the Sweetheart Café was a hit at my house:

  1. Great for imaginative play
  2. Convenient carrying-case for take-along fun
  3. Value: tons of pretend food and serving-wear, 40 pieces total!
  4. Encourages taking turns

Do you think your little sweethearts would enjoy playing in their very own café? What are your kid’s favorite pretend play activities?

For some added fun, download a FREE ALEX Sweetheart Café placemat printable here. I even printed out a bunch and keep them together with a few crayons, this way when we go out to a restaurant Lori and Julie have a cute placemat to color and stay busy! And don’t forget to post your child’s artwork on the ALEX Facebook page – I can’t wait to see what they serve up!

ALEX Sweetheart Cafe Printable


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  1. These kids cute ah!

  2. I miss being a little girl who used to play the same thing before with my cousins. I wish I could turn back time. And it’s good to see this two cute girls playing, I think they’re gonna be best of friends and playmates.

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