Painting the Town Blue

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A couple of weeks ago I got a call that because ALEX had given toys for the new movie The Smurfs, Sony Pictures had provided us with two tickets to the exclusive Smurfs premiere! I was to go as a representative of the ALEX Design Department.

ALEX Toys Smurf Movie

Growing up in Los Angeles and not having been to a movie premiere yet, I thought it was about time! Having been a long time Smurf fan made it all the more Smurf-tastic. Alex the monkey was free that evening as well. It was a date!

We arrived at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City nice and early to see the action.  Outside the prestigious theater was a GIANT blue Smurf and a throng of fans hoping to sneak a peak at celebrities. The stars that night walked down, not the red, but the blue carpet – very nice touch.

ALEX Toys Smurfs Movie

We rode up the escalators and saw the lobby bedecked with rows and rows of drinks and bags of popcorn – Smurf-alicious! We grabbed our snacks and 3D glasses, found our seats and the movie began. We had heard that there was a big scene in the movie that took place in FAO Schwarz, which happened to be only a few blocks away from the theater. Alex and I kept our eyes glued to the screen hoping to see if we could steal a glance at one of our toys. Have no fear, we were NOT going to miss it!

 ALEX toys took center stage in the big action sequence at the mega toy store. The Smurfs ran into FAO to get a toy sized “stargazer”. Gargamel chased after them with a leaf blower all over the store, trying to vacuum them up. The crescendo of the whirlwind action ended up right inside the ALEX boutique at FAO! The Smurfs ran back and forth through aisles of ALEX toys! I saw our Swirl O-Disk and remembered when we were picking out the colors for the stripes. Seems like it was only yesterday and now look, Swirl O-Disk is famous! Super Smurf-tacular!

ALEX Toys Smurfs Movie

We thoroughly enjoyed the movie – it had lots of spectacular action, it was really funny for kids and adults alike and it was really cool to see the Smurf village in 3D.

After the movie was over, we lingered in the lobby and were able to see some twinkling stars. We saw Brooke Shields, who came to see the movie with her children (she is really tall!); Alan Cumming, who was the voice of Gutsy Smurf and Oh My Smurf; and Katy Perry, the voice of Smurfette, who was surrounded by a thick mob teen girls with braces.  We were able to rub elbows with another star: Hank Azaria, the comic genius who plays Gargamel! Hank Azaria is probably most well known for doing literally dozens and dozens of voices for The Simpsons. He was so nice! It was Smurf-eriffic!

ALEX Toys Smurfs Movie

ALEX and I went home with big Smurfy grins – what a night!

Have you seen The Smurfs movie? See if you can spot the ALEX toys in the FAO Schwarz scene!

You can see more pictures from The Smurfs movie premiere at the ALEX Facebook page.

You can view the movie trailer here.

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