Gearing Up!

August 9, 2011 at 14:50 | Posted in ALEX Toys, Little Hands, Play@Home Mom, Reviews | 2 Comments

Who says building is just for boys?

I got Lori the ALEX Twist and Drill kit so she could learn about using a drill and a screwdriver to build things. Now I know a tool kit is not the most original gift for dad, but how cute would it be if Lori could use her new tools right next to her daddy using his new tools! Big and small tool kits for father and kid – now that is the perfect gift!

ALEX Toys Twist & Drill

In preparation for dad’s big day, we found a perfect opportunity to break out the Twist and Drill.

Lori had a play date with her buddy Yoni. Mostly she likes to invite girls over, but Yoni made the cut. Lucky for him he got to try out the Twist & Drill. I figured he might be able to show Lori the ropes – she has never played with any tool toys before, but Yoni is a pro!

Oh-my-gosh! These kids played with the Twist & Drill for almost an hour and didn’t take a potty break, snack break or even a come-and-bug-mommy break. Nothing! They were SO busy with all the pieces and parts – it was AWESOME! They shared the tools, bolts, wheels, and car pieces – there was more than enough to go around and they played SO nicely! I overheard so many please and thank-you’s coming from the other room. They were so happy to have such a fun toy to play with together!

    ALEX Toys Twist & Drill

ALEX Toys Twist & Drill     ALEX Toys Twist & Drill

Lori organized the screws by color and twisted them into the practice board, while Yoni was busy building all sorts of rescue cars. They experimented with the different heads for their tools (it comes with 3 interchangeable ones) and different wheels for their cars – all the dozens of options kept them really busy! Once they built all the vehicles, they unscrewed and reassembled them into new models.

ALEX Toys Twist & Drill     ALEX Toys Twist & Drill

Just a few of the reasons why I loved this product:

  • Cooperative play: great for multiple kids to play with together!
  • Encourages use of fine motor skills
  • Teaches new skills
  • Value: this box is jam-packed with tools, bolts, wheels and vehicles to build!
  • Gender neutral

Now my daughter might be able to teach her daddy a thing or two about how to use his new tools!


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  1. You know I have to get this now because my daughter has to keep up with her handy daddy!

    • She sure does! It would make for a great father-daughter bonding playtime! Thanks for the comment Amy 🙂

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