Princesses Need to Take Baths Too!

August 17, 2011 at 10:30 | Posted in ALEX Toys, Bathtime, Play@Home Mom, Reviews, Videos | 1 Comment

I consider myself lucky that my girls love taking baths, but I know some kids (and maybe you do, too) that are less than fond of bath time. If I were a betting woman, I would wager that Princess In The Tub from ALEX would get them washing without a problem (at least for the girls!)

ALEX Princess in the Tub

Princess In The Tub was right up my girl’s alley! There is an adjustable tiara to be worn in the tub, a mirror (to see how beautiful you look with your tiara on) and a wand to wave around (and wish for a prince to appear). The wand, to Lori’s surprise, was extra special because it twinkled and chimed a magical tune every time she dipped it in the water – amazing!

They were super happy to play princess in the tub (if it wasn’t obvious enough by their giant smiles!)

ALEX Princess in the Tub

ALEX Princess in the Tub

Lori discovered that if you put the mirror up against a flat, wet surface, it will stick –“look ma no hands!” I discovered that the tiara did a pretty good job of keeping the water out of the girl’s faces while I washed out their shampoo. No complaints while washing off shampoo? This really is magical!

If you have a little princess of your own or know a cute one, you might need to get this bath set for them!

Why I love, love, love this product:

  • Fun, Fun, Fun! I don’t know too many little girls that wouldn’t absolutely love being a princess in the bath (or anytime for that matter!)
  • Makes bath time easier
  • It twinkles!!! Hello? Magical sounds and lights in the tub? Need I say more!?!

ALEX Play@Home Mom

Here’s a nice video for all you princesses out there:

ALEX Princess in the Tub

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  1. Such cute princesses! We love all of the creative toys from Alex

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