Down on the Farm

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An interactive play mat? Well, this is something my kids have never even seen before. Come to think of it, neither have I!

ALEX’s Talk of the Farm is such a clever idea! This colorful and interactive play mat with a bright red musical truck was the perfect way to engage both of my girls (18 months and 3.5 years) and to get them playing together.

ALEX Talk of the Farm

This mat is absolutely adorable. I love that it folds up nice and small for storage, but also opens up large enough for both my kids to play with it together.

Every time one of the girls rolled the truck over the music notes shown on the mat, the truck played new sounds and said something different. They must have rolled that truck over each spot on the farm a dozen times and it still seemed to say something new every time!

After playing together with it for 20 minutes, my 3½ year-old thought to add a few of her own cars so that each child could have a car on the mat together – brilliant! Even though our cars didn’t talk on the mat like the red truck, there were plenty of roads for them to “drive” on (not to mention that the girls made their own cute sound effects!)

Julie loved the mat; she liked sitting on it, jumping on it and driving her car on it. She really enjoyed pointing out all the different animals when she recognized a familiar animal noise. Lori loved driving the truck over the musical spots to make the truck say something new and “driving” the truck to all the different places on the mat that it told her to find – a great learning game!

ALEX Talk of the Farm

It took a little while for my 18 month old to figure out how to drive the car over the music note spots to trigger it to talk, but her big sister was happy to show her how to do it and she learned quickly. I also found the truck’s musical tune to be nice background music while I made dinner!

Here’s why I loved Talk of the Farm for my kids:

  • Cooperative play for different ages
  • They practiced counting, naming animals and following instructions
  • It’s easy to carry and play anywhere. Just pack and go!
  • Mat can be used with other toy cars and kids can use their creativity

ALEX Play@Home Mom

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