They Might Be Giant… Paper Flowers!

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My Giant Paper Flowers is one of my all-time favorite ALEX products. It’s not just because it was one of the first products I helped create when I worked at ALEX, it’s because this one really has a wow factor. Take brightly colored tissue paper that’s been cut into whimsical petals, add pipe cleaners, fold and fluff. It’s truly spectacular!

I invited my sweet niece Alyssa (10 years old) over to make some flowers!

ALEX Toys My Giant Paper Flowers

First she chose her sheets of tissue paper, stacked them up and began to accordion fold them. Then she twisted a pipe cleaner stem around them. Next, she spread out the petals and began to fluff them up and… she made awesome flowers! These really are giant, just about the size of Alyssa’s head!

ALEX Toys My Giant Paper Flowers

ALEX Toys My Giant Paper Flowers

When fluffing up the petals, you have to be a little bit careful not to tear the paper. Lori (4) was not so great at that part. But it was really neat for her to watch Alyssa magically turn flat sheets of paper into a stunning bouquet! The recommended age for this product is 5+ and I really wouldn’t go any younger than that. It was fun finding creative places to put the flowers, and when she went home, Alyssa decorated her room with them!

Why I love this product:

  • Value: enough supplies to make dozens of giant flowers
  • Endless Possibilities: there are so many different colors and petal shapes to choose from so each flower can be unique!
  • No Mess: no cutting or gluing needed to make these awesome flowers

Click here to watch a video on making paper flowers.

ALEX Toys Play@Home Mom

P.S. If you get the title of this post – nicely done! TMBG is one of our favorite bands.

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