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I’ll tell you the truth: I can’t stand bathtime. It’s just not fun to kneel on bathroom tile, contort my back to get to those hard-to-reach places, and use my cat-like reflexes to prevent a series of potential injuries (my boys like to stand and jump in the bathtub – a genius idea, I know). However, I subject myself to it time after time so that my kids will be happy and, you know, clean.

ALEX Toys Mamma Mia Rea

I suppose I should consider myself lucky after the horror stories I’ve heard about that dreaded time of day: parents who have to bribe, cajole, drag their children into the bathtub. The minute my kids hear the word “bath”, they’re practically stripping off in the middle of the living room. The problem is that they love the water a little too much. They’ll splash, dive, swim, make waves, search for hidden treasure. By the time bathtime is over, most of the water is out of the bathtub and all over me.

But, their fascination with water is something I can make work for me, with the right props. Bathtime is a prime opportunity to teach kids about the properties of water, how things can change when wet, dry, hot, cold, etc. They can learn about weight and buoyancy, what floats and what sinks. Sponges, food coloring, ice, wax paper, balloons are all fantastic props that will keep your kids entertained and the water in the tub. As for the kids who would be happy to just stink, these sorts of “experiments” are a great incentive to get them into the water.

Other great ideas to get kids into the bath: letting them wear swimmies, goggles, even bathing suits, having them draw on the bathroom walls with washable markers/crayons (see picture above), promising them ice cream for breakfast every day for the rest of their lives.

How do you make bathtime fun for your kids?

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