Busy Bodies in Busy Town

September 22, 2011 at 09:00 | Posted in ALEX Jr., ALEX Toys, Babies, Play@Home Mom, Reviews | 3 Comments

As soon as I saw the ALEX Jr. My Busy Town activity center, I fell in love! The bright colors, the insanely cute artwork, the endless activities… I knew that whichever kiddies were playing with this would be busy for quite some time!

We invited Julie’s super-cute friend, Aeden, over for a play date to try it out!

ALEX Toys My Busy Town

The girls seamed to really enjoy all 5 sides of the busy town. Aeden loved playing peek-a-boo with the different people hiding behind the doors and Julie especially liked moving the rainbow colored beads through the curvy maze. It was definitely big enough for both girls to play with at the same time; I’d say even one or two more could have fit around it.  The mayor of this busy town says “thanks for playing, Aeden!”

ALEX Toys My Busy Town

ALEX Toys My Busy Town

And the next day Julie found the box…

ALEX Toys My Busy Town

Why I love this product:

  • Durability: solid wood construction; this town won’t need to fix any potholes for years to come!
  • Appropriate for a large age range: in my opinion, it would appeal to kids as young as 1 and all the way up to 5.
  • Tons of playing surface: with 5 completely different sides to choose from, this will surely keep multiple kids engaged for a while.

Do you know a little busy body that could use a busy town to play with?


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  1. Can you buy this busy town in Australia?

  2. Does Busy Town come in French – French words / images for the alphabet side?

    • Steffi,
      Thank you for your interest in our award-winning My Busy Town! We value your suggestion to offer it in French, but at this time it is available only in English.

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