Get Dressed with Success!

September 27, 2011 at 12:45 | Posted in ALEX Toys, Awards, Little Hands, Play@Home Mom, Reviews | 2 Comments

Lately my 4 year old, Lori, has insisted on picking out and putting on her outfits all by herself. Sometimes she actually puts together an outfit that matches and looks half-decent, and sometimes… not so much! As she has gotten older she has become more and more independent. She takes great pride in being able to do things, like getting dressed, completely on her own. But she is still learning and sometimes she gets very frustrated trying to zip up her hoodie or button her pants! It is not always easy for her to ask for help because she is SO determined to get it on her own, but I think I came up with the perfect solution… the ALEX Learn to Dress Kitty!

ALEX Toys Learn to Dress Kitty

I figure this way she can have fun playing and improve her skills at the same time. Both the Learn to Dress Kitty and Learn to Dress Monkey have buttons, snaps, zipper, buckles and more for the girls to practice on.

ALEX Toys Learn to Dress Kitty

Lori really enjoyed snapping the snaps, undoing the buttons, and getting Kitty naked and then dressed again. But when it came to tying Kitty’s shoes, Lori still needed some help so we used the ALEX One, Two Tie My Shoe to teach her some shoe-tying skills!

First, she laced the string through the holes. Then I taught her how to tie a knot and  after many, many tries she got it! (Mostly, anyway!) She was so proud and I am happy to have the shoes around for her to keep practicing on.

ALEX Toys Learn to Dress Kitty

After all of her “hard work” (it was fun and games for her), I presented her with a certificate and an award ribbon! You can print them out for free:

Download the Get Dressed Certificate here.
Download the Get Dressed Award Ribbon here.

ALEX Toys Learn to Dress Kitty

She was SO excited to check off all the different ways that she can get dressed by herself and she was super-proud to wear the award ribbon to let everyone know that she got herself dressed! Way to go Lori!

ALEX Toys Learn to Dress Kitty

ALEX Toys Learn to Dress Kitty

Do you think a little kitty or monkey could help someone you know with his or her getting dressed skills?

Did you like the free printables? Did your kids? Let me know!

ALEX Toys Play@Home Mom


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  1. Your tool ( Get Dressed Certificate ) is a great help to dress themselves. This will also help increase their self-esteem and make decisions on their own. It would be my personal pleasure to collect some more ideas from your blog and please keep on posting with regards to fashion and kids. 😉 Thanks!

  2. Samantha -I am SO glad that you like the certificate! Keep checking back, i am always working on something for you readers!
    Hope you have a fun one!

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