Kid Friendly Fashion Fun!

October 3, 2011 at 10:15 | Posted in ALEX Toys, Family Time, Mamma Mia Rea | 1 Comment

Our society is extremely fashion forward. Everywhere you look, you’ll see magazines touting the latest trends, the hottest new lip color or the flirtiest hair styles. By the time many girls are old enough to walk, they’re ready for a trip down the runway.

ALEX Toys Kid Fashion

While this can certainly be fun, it can also send some tricky messages to a girl. What she sees in the magazines is what is considered “cool” and “beautiful”, and if she doesn’t look like that, then she must not be “cool” nor “beautiful”. This is why you see so many teens, tweens and even grade-school children dressed in the same type of trendy clothing. While they may like what they are wearing, it can be a hindrance to independent thought and developing their own, personal sense of style. As someone who wears purple silk Converse sneakers on a regular basis, I felt that I would be doing my daughters a disservice by letting them fall into the “trendy trap” and ignore their own creativity.

The best way to combat the trend obsession, I found, is not to shield my daughters from it, because then I’d be fighting a losing battle. Instead, I provide them with opportunities to develop their own sense of fashion and style, particularly, by encouraging them to make their own clothes. There are many beautifully simple, kid-friendly patterns everywhere they can follow to make their own shirts, skirts, dresses, you name it. This builds a number of fine-motor and visual planning skills. Knitting and crocheting are also both “in” right now, and plenty of kids have joined the bandwagon. For the younger ones, you can also go the crafting route and let them paint and color t-shirts with paint markers and glitter paint. They’ll LOVE showing off their one-of-a-kind pieces at school.

Giving children ownership of their clothing helps them appreciate the hard work that goes into making them. And while the clothes may eventually fray or fall apart, the kids’ pride in their own creativity will last forever.

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  1. I also have two growing girls (8 and 7 years old) and whenever they see ads on tv – they will copied everything on it. They have even memorized the lines on ad so I agree with you that what they see and heard on tv, magazines etc have great impact on their mind. Buying clothes is also a big challenge for me so I am always buying at where you can get great discounts here. All items are really fabulous though they are not branded or labeled with famous name/signature. I can guarantee that you made the right choice of buying them.

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