Today’s Lesson: Teaching is Lots of Fun!

October 5, 2011 at 03:00 | Posted in Family Time, Let's Play, Play@Home Mom, Reviews | 1 Comment

It is already more than a month into the school year and we are in full-on school mode in our family. We get up, eat breakfast, pack lunch, get dressed and are off to school, but not necessarily in that order! I pick up Lori when school lets out and hear all about her exciting day, but school is still on her mind. At home, she pretends to be the teacher and tells her dolls (and little sister) to sit down for story time. She loves it and that is why I knew she would love Let’s Pretend School from ALEX.

ALEX Toys Let's Pretend School

The kit is ADORABLE! It comes with a carrying case that opens up to an entire “mini classroom”. There is an activity pad filled with exciting coloring sheets and activities, a drawing pad, tons of colored pencils, report cards, awards, stickers, attendance chart and more. There is a large dry erase pad with pages of colorful charts: ABCs, 123s, shapes, colors, a map, days of the week and lots of other activities. There is a dry erase marker, eraser and even a handy pouch to store everything. If that wasn’t enough, there is even a little school bell, which Julie, who is 2, had the best time ringing and screaming “Time for school!”

ALEX Toys Let's Pretend School

Lori enjoyed teaching Julie about the letters and how the hands on the clock move around. After Julie did a good job listening to her “teacher”, Lori gave her stickers and an award for being such a good student.

ALEX Toys Let's Pretend School

Next they colored in the fun activity sheets. Then it was on to more learning…

ALEX Toys Let's Pretend School

Lori really liked pretending to be the teacher, but her favorite part was rewarding her star pupil with praise and awards. Julie loved the coloring activities, turning the hands on the clock and, of course, the stickers!

When school was over for the day, every piece had its own pouch and the super-organized case easily folded up. Now, where to put that apple?

Why I love this toy:

  • Makes learning fun and fosters love of school outside of the classroom.
  • Encourages make-believe play and creative fun.
  • It is filled with over 200 pieces and has dozens of activities for many hours of play.
  • Great for a play-date with multiple kids and exciting for a single child to enjoy.
  • Super-organized: it is easy to pack up for take-along fun – play, store and go!

Do you know a little teacher in the making? Or want to get someone excited about school? I highly recommend this kit!

ALEX Toys Stay@Home Mom

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  1. Great review of this new toy, Shana … and I particularly loved seeing Lori and Julie using their imagination. Thank you for promoting the joy of discovery! xo Ema

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