Picasso Would Be Proud!

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In honor of Pablo Picasso’s birthday this week, I got the girls the ALEX Magnetic Artist Easel. Lori (age 4) enjoys painting on the easel so much in her preschool, but there is only one for the whole class. Now, the girls can be artists all the time!

ALEX Toys Magnetic Artist Easel

I assembled it myself in about 10 minutes (not hard at all). It comes with a big roll of paper that gets fed over the top of the easel and is held in place with the included easel clips. Then, when your artwork is dry, you can use the handy paper cutter to tear it off with a nice neat edge, and the paper is already in place for the next time. There are two sturdy plastic trays to hold paint cups, brushes and other supplies on either side of the easel. In addition, one side of the easel is a chalkboard, and the other is a magnetic dry erase board!

We used the ALEX Paint Blast and Paint & Sparkle paints, and they were awesome! They are made here in the USA, they are washable (yay!) and the colors are bright. There is even super shiny rainbow colored glitter in the Paint & Sparkle – Lori was thrilled!

ALEX Toys Magnetic Artist Easel

With the non-spill paint cups, there was hardly any mess at all. And if I didn’t want to break out the paint, there are still many alternative ways to use the easel… magnets, markers and chalk – just to name a few.

ALEX Toys Magnetic Artist Easel

The easel is adjustable to three different heights. I set it on the shortest one so that both girls could reach it easily. I am delighted that it can grow with them so they can keep using it for a long time to come. I also love that two kids can work at the same time. They still have to take turns if they both want to paint, but while Lori was waiting for her turn she “sketched” out what she wanted to paint on the chalk side.

When you are done for the day and need the space, the easel collapses in seconds and can be stored easily.

Why I love this toy:

  • It is always more fun to paint on an easel, which encourages your child to let out their inner artist.
  • Adjustable height provides many years of use!
  • Multiple surfaces: great for paint, chalk, markers, crayons and magnets, too.

Do you know a budding artist? I would love to see some of their work. Please share your child’s artwork on the ALEX Facebook page and we will put it in our permanent collection!

ALEX Toys Play@Home Mom

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