“Scare” Appeal

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Kids are naturally drawn to yucky stuff like ants to picnics. They’re fascinated with the touch, taste, smell, feel and sight of the world’s most disgusting things. Watch your child pick his nose and examine the treasures he finds like a scientist in a lab. Babies dig into their diapers to see what they find, and many Mommies end up paying a dear price. Even older children can’t help but wonder about yucky stuff; they exclaim, “EWWW!” while moving toward slime, gunk and sludge to get a closer look.

ALEX Toy Moody Monster Manor

The same thing goes for scary stuff, like monsters. Some kids are absolutely terrified of monsters, asking their parents to double- and triple-check under the bed and in the closet to make sure there aren’t any there. But behold, the next day, there they are in front of the television, watching the same movie featuring the same scary monster, which will leave them quivering under their covers at bedtime.

So what’s the deal? Do kids actually enjoy getting grossed out and scared witless?

Yup. They do.

The beauty of being a child is that the world is yours to discover. There is so much out there to experience, and even something that is not necessarily pleasant is fascinating, because it’s something new and different. Getting scared or yucked out is an intense feeling, and even though it may not be comfortable, having such strong feelings is a significant experience.

As parents, it can be difficult to clean up messy faces and get out of bed a million times a night to comfort a scared child. But, it’s important to remember that we were once kids, too, and we did the exact same thing. Give your children freedom to explore and experience, offer them a chance to express their feelings, even when you’d rather be sleeping. Children who are not afraid to embrace life will be more inclined to take risks, try new things and know their likes and dislikes. They’ll also be better equipped to face their fears. So, take advantage of this “scary” season and let your little monsters have a blast!

If you’re looking for some more monster fun, download ALEX’s mobile app, Moody Monster Manor. It is designed for kids ages 3 to 8 and teaches about dealing with emotions through engaging and interactive games. Click here to download it now for free.

There are also some great Monster printable coloring pages available here.

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