Good For the Environment And For Crafters!

November 15, 2011 at 19:32 | Posted in ALEX Toys, Crafting, General, Kid's Arts & Crafts, Play@Home Mom | 2 Comments

Today is America Recycles Day! ALEX helps children learn about recycling with Eco Crafts, a new activity kit filled with eco-friendly supplies such as paper-tube rolls, popsicle sticks, wooden buttons, recycled pencils and tons more, that encourage the use of up-cycling household items into cute crafts. There are also over 400 stickers and shapes in the kit that are all printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks.

We invited our 7-year-old friend Oriyah over to try it out!

When she opened the box, she was excited to find it filled with colorful and fun crafting supplies, including stickers, punch-outs, ribbon, tissue paper, wooden beads, spoons, buttons and more! As she sorted through all of the different components, she was surprised to learn that they were all recycled and eco-friendly. This kit really has excellent projects and helps kids realize they can still make great things while being kind to the environment.

We looked over the picture instructions and found a variety of exciting projects to make – animals, puppets, jewelry and more! She chose to make butterflies, puppets and scenery.

She was crafting for hours, made 6 projects, and still has over a dozen more to do another time!  Who knew being good to the environment could be so much fun?

Why I like this kit:

-Value – this kit is filled with supplies to make 20 different adorable projects!

-Earth Friendly – encourages children to be eco-conscious

-Great Projects – put on a puppet show, decorate a room, wear a new necklace and much, much more with the completed crafts!

What are some ways that you recycle in your home?


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  1. Does Alex have a sustainability strategy?

    • At ALEX we understand that eco-responsibility is an important value that we share with our community. We have been working to include more eco-friendly products and practices every year.

      Our ALEX JR® infant wooden toys are entirely made of sustainable wood, which means the wood is harvested in a way that respects the forest and the people who work in it. In fact many of our wooden products, from pretend play sets to lacing beads, are made of sustainable wood and we are making more all the time.

      In our Little Hands® line for preschoolers, all of our paperboard puzzles and the packaging they come in are made out of recycled paper and printed with soy inks and water based varnishes.

      We have also teamed up with Terracyle whose mission is to “upcyle” waste material into useful products. Together we have created M&M’s (TM) Candy Wrapper Jewelry which uses candy wrappers that would have otherwise been wasted.

      Look for the globe symbol on our packaging to see the many toys we make that are earth friendly!

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