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November 30, 2011 at 12:00 | Posted in ALEX Toys, Mamma Mia Rea | Leave a comment

The day I discovered the purple crayon swirls on my wall, I was less than pleased. My son, Yonah, had decided that construction paper was not a large enough canvas and headed to the living room to do some sprucing up.

Now, my home is certainly not in the running for the cover of Architectural Digest, but I do like the place looking remotely presentable (eg: shove all the mess in the boys’ room when people come over). Now it looked like a crayon box had exploded on the wall (not that I have anything against wall art, but I prefer it in a frame, and not on the wall itself)!

So what was I to do? I could freak out on my kid and crush the pride in his work, or I could embrace the personal touch he’d given the place. I chose the latter. I explained to him that walls are not for drawing on, but I didn’t attack his work with a magic eraser sponge. Instead, the beautiful purple mural, courtesy of Yonah, has become a staple of our home décor.

Okay, I know plenty of parents out there would probably think I’m nuts. The thought of their children marking up the walls would make them shudder. Trust me, I get it. My approach may not work for you, but this idea can be applied in a variety of “safer” ways.

Aside from the artwork they bring home from school, let your kids help you decorate your house. Instead of throwing out old clothes, have your kids help you stuff them with cotton to make throw pillows. Give them a wall out of plain view that they can paint, draw on, glue and glitter on. Head to a woodworking shop and have your kids help you refinish a chair or coffee table. You can print out pictures of your family, laminate them and glue them onto the wood for a personal touch.

A house shouldn’t feel like a museum; it should feel like a home. Let your kids take pride in where they live by helping you decorate it. Maybe they’ll even take pride in cleaning it up…

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