A Gift for Every Child’s Personality … The Budding Musician

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Do you know a little someone that is always singing or humming a tune? Tub Tunes Symphony makes the perfect gift!

What could be more fun than splish-splashing and making music in the tub?! This deluxe gift set includes a water drum, water xylophone and water flutes that are made to be played in the tub. There are 2 mallets that are great for drumming or tapping out a nice little ditty on the xylophone. The set also includes 6 double-sided, waterproof music sheets that are color-coded and make playing songs like “London Bridge Is Falling Down” and “ The Farmer in the Dell” easy to learn.

The girls really enjoyed putting on a concert in the bath. The floating xylophone can come apart and the pieces can be rearranged to make different tunes. They can also stick to the wall and be played that way, too.  The water flutes are fantastic! Lori was amazed to discover that when the flutes were empty they all sounded the same, but after we filled the flutes with different amounts of water, they each made a unique sound!

After a very long bath, we emptied out the water flutes and laid the other instruments out to dry. We can’t wait for the encore performance tomorrow night!

Why I like this toy:

Teaches the Science of Music – encourages the exploration of how to make different tones.

Makes Taking a Bath Exciting – bath time never sounded so good!

Gender Neutral – great fun for girls and boys

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