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In My Kitchen is an excellent gift choice for a little somebody who is always cooking up an imaginary feast!

My girls have always enjoyed preparing delicious make-believe meals, so this pretend kitchen set is perfect for them! We added the Super Cooking Set from ALEX, which comes with stainless steel pots, tops, pans, utensils and oven mitts, to our kitchen for even more fun. The complete set took less than 10 minutes to assemble.

The tabletop sized kitchen has a cook top, sink and oven all in one.  There are knobs you can turn for adjusting the temperature, setting the timer and turning on the hot & cold water. The backsplash is painted with colorful images of seasonings, measuring cups and other items you would find in a kitchen. It even has a place to hang up your oven mitts.

The girls had a blast cooking up a storm and I know they will continue to enjoy this kitchen for many years to come!

Why I like this gift:

Solid construction –the entire unit is made out of durable wood.

Compact size –a great pretend play kitchen that doesn’t take up too much space

Playtime benefits – encourages imaginative and dramatic play


Do you know a little chef? What is their favorite thing to serve up?



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  1. how can i order one for my kids

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