Make Hanukkah Art Rubbings – Kid Concoctions Project How-To

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Is the holiday spirit rubbing off on you?

There are tons of neat holiday projects in the ALEX/Kid Concoctions – Weird Wacky & Wild Stuff book.  Just follow the tutorial below to make this Hanukkah themed artwork using a fun art rubbing technique!

You will need:


Paper (we used colored construction paper so it was easy to see the glue on it)

White school glue

Crayons with the paper removed

Here is what you need to do:

1. Use a pencil to draw different holiday symbols.

2. Trace your design with a bottle of glue.

3. Let the glue dry until hard (we waited over-night).

4. Place a sheet of paper over the glue drawing and rub the paper with a crayon held horizontally.

5. The image of your glue drawing will appear on the paper!

For our Hanukkah rubbings we drew dreidels, menorahs, candles, coins, Stars of David and latkes. This project can work for all the other holidays too – just draw the appropriate pictures.  Lori LOVED tracing the designs with glue, it was her absolute favorite part.  Now I have to go and buy more glue!  After we let our glue dry overnight, Lori was super excited to begin rubbing.  The images appeared almost like magic!  You can use the same glue drawing to make multiple rubbings over and over again.

The results were so beautiful that we used all the picture rubbings as wrapping paper for our holiday gifts!

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season!

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  1. very thankful for your How-to website.
    This is very useful blog, Thanks !

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