A Great Indoor Activity That is Sure to Make You Hoppy!

January 3, 2012 at 15:13 | Posted in ALEX Toys, Indoor Play, Let's Play, Outside Play, Play@Home Mom | 1 Comment
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Where we live it gets super cold and snowy. My girls and I love to bundle up and build snowmen, toss a few snowballs, go sledding, and even make a snow angel or two.  But when it’s time to come in, we roll out the award winning Hopscotch Rug!

No set up is required, just unroll the rug and start playing right away!

We set it up in Lori’s room on the carpeting, but you can place it on any surface.   The non-skid back of the rug keeps it place on wood and tile, too.  The rug also comes with 3 heart beanbags for traditional hopscotch play.

As Lori jumped on all the stylish graphics (hearts, shoes, purses, lipstick and more) she counted all the numbers out loud forwards and backwards!

The rug is over 6 feet long and is certainly cute enough to leave out.  If you prefer to store it, it can easily be rolled up and put away in just seconds.

Hopscotch is a great indoor activity that gets kids active.   It doesn’t require batteries and it doesn’t make a mess.  Setup is easy and this game is excellent for a group of children, as well as great fun for just one!


Why I like this toy:

Exercise – A great way to get kids active, improve balance and coordination.

Appealing Graphics – the adorable artwork can brighten up any bedroom, playroom or basement!

Easy Fun – no mess, no batteries, quick set-up and cleanup –need I say more? !

P.S. If you live in a place that doesn’t get any snow, this is still a great toy.  Use it indoors or outside!


Did you ever play hopscotch growing up?

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  1. a great toy good indoor/outdoor excercise depending on the weather very versatile!My daughter would love she loves to play hop- scotch.

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