What Is Black & White And Keeps A Kid Happy For Hours?

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Do your kids like to:

    A. Snuggle with stuffed animals?
    B. Color with markers?
    C. Do activities over and over again?
    D. All of the above.

If you answered “D,” then a Color and Cuddle activity will be perfect for them!

This collection includes 6 different machine washable dolls that can be colored, cuddled, and washed again and again.

My girls tried out the Bunny and the Pony – take a look!

Each animal comes with 4 washable markers and removable clothing.  They also feature soft, colorful fleece accents.

Julie (age 2) was a little bit young for the coloring – she just scribbled all over it – but she loved doing it and directed me to draw on a few accessories -“da pony needs glasses and a tiara, mama”. Lori (age 4) really went to town coloring her bunny; she drew shoes, bracelets, eyelashes and carefully colored in her dress, too.

This was an awesome indoor project for a cold wintery day.

Lori adored her bunny and was so proud of the way it turned out. But she was excited to put it in the wash to see her come out clean, just like new.

We followed the instructions found on the back of the package.  We separated the outfit from the bunny and slipped them into a pillowcase.   Ta-dah! After a quick warm wash and air dry, it was time to start coloring again!

Lori’s reaction was priceless – it really looked brand spankin’ new!

Why I like this toy:

These dolls can be colored and washed over and over again!

You get a coloring activity and a cuddly stuffed animal all in one!

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