Calling All Boys… This Craft’s for You!

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It isn’t easy to find a craft project appealing to boys.  Well, the search ends here!  The Build & Roll robot and car are the perfect blend of craft kit and building toy.  In addition, the finished project also encourages lots of pretend play!

I invited our adorable 7-year-old cousin Danny to come try this out…

Danny was excited to open the box and found lots of plastic nuts, bolts, wheels and even a screwdriver.  There were also many cardboard pieces to color, 6 markers and a sheet of stickers.

He started to color the robot parts and had fun drawing patterns in the grid lines. Next, he folded the pieces, clicked in all the nuts and washers, and used the screwdriver to secure them into place. After his robot was built, he decorated it with the colorful stickers that looked like different buttons and gauges.

The finished robot was a nice size.  The arms can move and the wheels really roll.  This guy had a great time coloring and building and also loved playing with his new toy robot!

Why I like this toy:

High Play Value –There is plenty to do with this toy; color, build and roll, and if you want to take it apart and build it again you can do that too!

Craft Kit for Boys –A cool craft that is not pink and purple and sparkly all over (although my girls thought this was neat, too! )


What kinds of creative activities do your boys enjoy?

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  1. This toy is really good. This could help to a child’s development, it would made then think and use their imagination to finish that toy.:)

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