ALEX/Kid Concoctions Project How-To… Make Your Own Snow Globes!

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Enjoy a winter wonderland without having to leave your house! Follow this easy ALEX/Kid Concoctions tutorial from the Weird Wacky & Wild Stuff book to create “Snow in a Bottle” — an excellent project to do on an icy cold day!

You will need:

  • 1 baby food jar
  • Glitter
  • Glue Gun (an adult needs to do this part)
  • Small plastic figure or decorations
  • Cold water

Here is what you need to do:

1. Wash out the baby food jar and remove the label.

2. Have an adult use a glue gun to attach the plastic figure or decoration to the inside of the jar lid.

3. Fill the jar ½ inch from the top with water.

4. Add glitter

5. Screw lid on the jar, turn it upside down and shake!

This was such a fun project!

Lori loved her new snow globe so much that the next day she asked to make more. We decided to get even more creative with these and made each one a little different.

We even added a drop of food coloring in an underwater-themed one (don’t put in too much or you won’t be able to see the fish inside). We tried rainbow glitter and even sequins; they all turned out great! Since I already had the glue gun out, I glued a ribbon around the base (lid) of each snow globe. The girls keep shakin’ them up and watching the show (or should I say, snow?!)

Do you make any special crafts on cold snowy days? Please share!

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