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How many more years are there until the next Leap Year?

Count it out with Count Out Loud Froggy!

Celebrate with ALEX!

ALEX Blogger Bulletin – Meet Our Guest Blogger!

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My Four MonkeysIntroducing our first guest, Angie Knutson, author of:

Angie and her husband, Jeremy, are the parents of 4 children – 2 girls and 2 boys – from 3 to 11 years old.  My Four Monkeys is a product review site for any and all types of moms and dads.

We are so happy to bring you her first post for the ALEX Blogger Bulletin!

Read Angie’s post Teaching Children About Emotions.

Teaching Children About Emotions

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Children are emotional beings. Often they are too young and immature to understand the feelings they are having. They may lash out or have a meltdown simply because they aren’t able to identify and express their emotions. As parents, it’s our job to teach our children about their emotions, how to handle them, and how to be sensitive to the emotions of others. There are several ways you can instill these important skills in your children. Continue Reading Teaching Children About Emotions…


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ALEX has an awesome line of Cap It Off products that make creating bottle cap accessories fun, simple, and fabulous!

My cousins Olivia and Maddy were thrilled to find the boxes filled with exciting and colorful supplies.

Continue Reading CapTastic!…

Celebrate with A Random Act of Kindness

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Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!

About ten years ago, the book “Pay it Forward” put the value of kindness into perspective. The gist, devised by a young boy, was simple: Perform an act of kindness for three people, expecting nothing in return except that they “Pay it Forward” to three more people. The system, if followed correctly, could quickly spread kindness to global proportions.

Many were inspired by this story, which was later made into a motion picture. A “Random Acts of Kindness Day” has been initiated around the world.

Continue Reading Celebrate with A Random Act of Kindness…

Toy Fair 2012

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The ALEX booth, recognizable by its bright colors and vibrant displays, was bursting with staff, sales representatives, buyers, retailers and members of the press at Toy Fair! ALEX introduced over 100 new and exciting products for 2012 – including toys for baby, preschoolers, bath, arts & crafts, fashion & jewelry and pretend play!

There are also new co-branded products with Dylan’s Candy Bar and Kid Concoctions!

Continue Reading Toy Fair 2012…

Be My Valentine

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Finally, it was my bedtime. The kitchen cleaned up (sort of), the living room straightened (sort of), my work for the day was done. I crept past my boys’ room as quietly as I could, hoping to slip into my covers without any commercial interruptions. Alas, just as I reached for my doorknob…


My three-year-old, Yonah, was peeking out at me from his doorway.

Continue Reading Be My Valentine…

It’s almost time for Toy Fair!

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ALEX introduces over 100 new items  in art, craft, bath, style, play, ALEX Jr. for baby and ALEX Little Hands preschool categories. Co-branded kits with Dylan’s Candy Bar and Kid Concoctions.
Visit us at booth # 2121! — February 12th – 15th — Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Love Is In The Air…

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Our love for crafts, that is! We adore crafting in our home, so we couldn’t wait to try the I Love Crafts activity kit.

This kit is filled with a ton of supplies: an album, beads, ribbons, pre-cut fabric and felt shapes, buttons, zigzag scissors, glitter glue, sticky dots, instructions and tons more! You can make over 10 heart-themed projects including cards, jewelry and a picture frame.

Continue Reading Love Is In The Air……

“No-Mess” finger paint? Let’s just see about that…

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Finger painting, kids simply love it! They love the texture in their hands, the designs they can make, and the way the colors swirl all around the paper. But let’s be honest, the mess is a lot less fun for Mommy to clean up.

This time, I decided to try out the ALEX Finger Paint Pumps, Finger Paint Paper and No-Mess Finger Paint Tray. Here it goes…

Continue Reading “No-Mess” finger paint? Let’s just see about that……

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