Celebrate with A Random Act of Kindness

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Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!

About ten years ago, the book “Pay it Forward” put the value of kindness into perspective. The gist, devised by a young boy, was simple: Perform an act of kindness for three people, expecting nothing in return except that they “Pay it Forward” to three more people. The system, if followed correctly, could quickly spread kindness to global proportions.

Many were inspired by this story, which was later made into a motion picture. A “Random Acts of Kindness Day” has been initiated around the world.

I can’t think of a better holiday to celebrate with children, especially when many of our other holidays are marked by consumption: lots of presents, lots of food, lots of “getting” and not a lot of “giving”. Encourage your kids to take advantage of this special opportunity by thinking about what kinds of “random” acts they can do themselves, and what you can do as a family.

One family I know collects toys they no longer play with and bring them to the local children’s hospital. Families living in urban areas with a high population of homeless people can make a dozen PB and J sandwiches and see how quickly you can give them all away. If you prefer to keep the kindness local, ask your children what kind of help their neighbors might need: an elderly neighbor’s newspaper brought in? Someone’s dog walked? A card made for a sick friend?

Whatever your children decide, make sure to make a BIG deal out of it. Not only will they thrive on praise, but if you make it an adventure, they will always look back fondly on their “Random Acts of Kindness” Day as a happy family memory, and perhaps wish to set the same example for their own children in the future.

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