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Our next guest blogger is Happi Olson!

Happi is a wife and mother of four kids ages 5 to 15. She loves all things creative, crafty and cooking related. In her spare time she is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Creative Kidstuff, a Minnesota based specialty toy retailer.

Read her review here: On the Farm Fun for Easter.

On the Farm Fun for Easter

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Hosting an egg hunt is a family tradition at the Olson house. Every year friends and family gather the Saturday before Easter to hunt and collect eggs filled with candy and small treasures. The fast and furious search is followed by a delicious potluck brunch and a lively round of candy and treasure swapping.  This event is always a hit, but as it has grown and in many cases grown up, hiding spots for the eggs have become harder and harder to come by. This year I decided to change things up to make the hunt harder for the older kids and even more fun for the little ones.

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The “Spoonful of Sugar” Approach to Clean-Up Time

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In the classic film “Mary Poppins”, Julie Andrews and her animatronic bird cajole two spoiled kids into cleaning their room with a smile, a song and a little bit of magic.

She made it look so easy.

Although I’m a pretty decent singer, I have neither a magic purse or a jolly sidekick like Dick Van Dyke to psyche my kids up about clean-up time, which is why I have to remind my kids about 47,000 times each evening to clean up the living room before the toys start getting put away…maybe. I have, however, a few tricks up my sleeve which are, in fact, inspired by our favorite magical nanny.

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ALEX Blogger Bulletin –

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Our next guest blogger is, Jessica Kobrin Bernstein, author of

Before becoming an “over-educated” stay-at-home mom (as she likes to put it), Jessica was a teacher. These days you can find her either chasing after her lively kindergartener and toddler or cooking something in the kitchen.

Read her review here: Using a Tots Art Start Kit to Foster Toddler Creativity.

Using a Tots Art Start Kit to Foster Toddler Creativity

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It’s sometimes hard to get all the way through an art project with a toddler.  My 2 ½ year old daughter is constantly bubbling over with excitement about wanting to do “a project”, but it’s not always easy to come up with something appropriate to her level of fine motor skills as well as something that can be done from start to finish in 15-20 minutes, or before she loses interest.

Enter Tots Art Start kit from ALEX.

In this box are the makings of 6 art activities – some shaped pieces of paper for decorating, a little baggie with some shredded paper for collaging, assorted tissue papers and three triangular easy grip crayons, assorted large and small sticker circles, and two frames with peel and stick paper centers.

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Find ALEX on Pinterest, today!

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Do you have a passion for arts & crafts? Are you a  DIY enthusiast or a skillful stay-at-home mom/dad? Then Pinterest is the place for you!

The ALEX bulletins are full of crafty ideas, creative solutions and activities that will keep the kids busy for hours!

Join the millions of users on Pinterest and follow ALEX Toys, today!

Rebuilding the Food Pyramid

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You know the fat kid in school? There’s always one. Well, when I was young, it was me. Needless to say, the weight made my childhood a little, well, challenging, and I struggled into my adolescence as well. Thankfully, with some love, support and guidance, I was able to lose over a hundred pounds in my twenties by sticking to a healthy food plan, and have kept the weight off for almost a decade. Continue Reading Rebuilding the Food Pyramid…

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