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About eight months ago, my 3-year-old was diagnosed with sensory integration disorder. As a former special education teacher, it was not a term I was unfamiliar with; I’d worked with plenty of kids with similar diagnoses, as well as other issues that included sensory integration challenges. Ironically, I never suspected, until my son’s teacher sat us down and suggested we have him evaluated, that there was anything going on. I guess that’s one of the blessings and detriments of parenthood: we love our children so much we see them as absolutely perfect the way they are, which is true, but sometimes, we are unable to see where they need extra help until someone else tells us so.

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Let’s Celebrate Math in April

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By Margaret R. Sáraco

Good news! April is Mathematics Education Month and there is no better time to begin engaging your child’s or children’s imaginations with math concepts and games. I often have to help children battle their math anxiety away. Even in my middle school classroom we create math art and play math games to support their confidence in math. Research has found that reading to your children insures success in school.  My belief is that playing math games with your children will also help them be successful in mathematics and, above all, enjoy it—and learn not to fear it. Children are natural scientists and will explore if given the opportunity. Give them the chance.

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ALEX Blogger Bulletin –

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Our next guest blogger is Drew Bennett, blogger at 

Drew is a husband and lucky father of two adorable kids. He is also a photographer who recently completed seven straight years of taking a photo each day. At, Drew blogs about life with his wife Allison and their children.

Read his review here: Inspiring Creativity.

Inspiring Creativity

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I have been taking and posting a photo every day for seven straight years. This project has been a way for me to not only document the events of my family but to express my creativity. Creativity is what I want to help cultivate and stimulate in my children. A big part of how I do this is through artistic expression.

With my daughter, she is four, we color, paint, sing and play instruments. I play like a four year old and color outside the lines take pictures at odd angles and make up silly songs. Through crafting I can see my daughter beginning to develop her sense of self, her ability to create and achieve. She is proud of her work and we celebrate it.

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On The Road

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Spring is here (Finally!) and it’s time to hit the road with the family. From personal experience, traveling with kids can be an absolute joy or a total nightmare. I’ve had kids sleep through an entire 13-hour flight to Israel and happily tag along on trips to archaeological sites, and I’ve had a baby fuss from New York to Ft. Lauderdale and hide the keys to the room at our B & B (it took us HOURS to find them).

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