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Spring is here (Finally!) and it’s time to hit the road with the family. From personal experience, traveling with kids can be an absolute joy or a total nightmare. I’ve had kids sleep through an entire 13-hour flight to Israel and happily tag along on trips to archaeological sites, and I’ve had a baby fuss from New York to Ft. Lauderdale and hide the keys to the room at our B & B (it took us HOURS to find them).

The one thing I know for sure about traveling with kids is to plan, plan, plan. Kids like to know what to expect, where they’re going, and what they’re going to do there. I would even recruit them to help you draw up the itinerary, so they won’t complain later that they “never get to do what they want to do”. Make reservations and buy tickets in advance; the last thing you want is to sit at a car rental desk for two hours with a crew of tired, hungry kids. Bring travel-friendly activities (small pieces NOT recommended) and snacks (small pieces ARE recommended), and for long trips, if you can get access to a DVD player, take advantage. Pack lightly to avoid mountains of laundry when you get home.

Most importantly, make sure you take time to yourself. A family vacation is a vacation for everyone except the parents, who work hard to keep everyone happy. Even if it’s carving out a couple of hours a day for a nap or getting a babysitter at the resort so you can shop or go out to dinner together, you deserve to walk away from the trip feeling like you got a break, too.

Happy Travels!

What are your best tips for traveling with kids?

For more great traveling ideas, check out our On the go! Pinterest board.

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