Education & Imaginative Play with Mix N Blast Volcano

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Over spring break, my family and I visited the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. The trip had been one that we had been planning for a long time and we were all very excited.  For my son who is 7 years old and extremely curious about science nature, the buzz about our upcoming trip, naturally stemmed to conversations about volcanos. He had lots of questions about how volcanos worked and if he would see one while we were on vacation.

Maui’s volcano has not been active in many years and is surrounded by a rainforest, so I knew getting a great view of it while we were away would be unlikely. So before we left, to further embrace his curiosity, and continue the dialogue, we broke out the ALEX/Kid Concoctions  Mix N Blast Volcano Set.

We began our Mix N Blast Volcano adventure by taking out the volcano trey, lava mixing powders and water squirter to activate the volcano-

To set the scene, the set comes with black slime for a swamp area and dinosaurs to play with.

We played with this set as a family, so even though the set is for ages 6 and up, with assistance, we allowed our 3 year old to get in on the fun.

My son, ever the Spiderman fanatic quickly pointed out that the “black slime” looked like Spiderman-Venom and he and my 3 year old took turns stomping the dinosaurs around the play set, getting them stuck in the swamp and activating the volcano over, and over again with the water squirter.

This set is great for so many things, education, imagination and I can see it being a great display for a school science project!

What was the best part? Cleanup was super easy – which always scores bonus points with this Mom!

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