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Welcome to ALEX Printables! Every week we’ll introduce a new printable for you and your little ones to enjoy! They’re perfect for preschoolers and for sharing quality, creative play time together!

Inspired by our Little Hands line, each of our printable kids crafts is specifically designed for little hands to create. Your kiddos will have fun making the crafts and you can secretly enjoy that they’ll also be developing important physical and cognitive skills. They’re easy to make and the end result is one that your kids will take pride in!

In anticipation of fall and all the beautiful colors it brings, this week have fun collaging your own colorful tree.

Only our printable craft pages and a couple of readily available household items are ever needed to complete our crafts, but with Collage a Tree a fun option is add leaves and twigs to your tree for a real fall feel. Spice things up with an outdoor activity:

1) Create a scavenger hunt for your kids: Make a list of 3-5 things to find in the backyard to add to your tree (red leaf, yellow leaf, twig, top of an acorn).

2) Take an afternoon hike: Combine foraging with exercise and fresh air.

Be creative and have fun!!

What You Need:

  • Safety Scissors

  • Glue Stick

  • 2 Printable Pages – Click on the images below to download

How To Make It:

In the end your kiddo will have fun and feel proud to have the artwork displayed on the refrigerator, and you can feel a sense of accomplishment as well since your little one will have further developed critical skills:

  • Pasting shapes exercises fine motor skills.
  • Accurately cutting out shapes and placing cut outs onto the tree helps fine tune hand eye coordination.
  • Kids learn sequencing in the steps to complete a craft project.

If you like this craft, try My Collage Farm and decorate 4 farm friends.

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