Using Crafts to Teach About Different Cultures

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ALEX Toys, Native American Bead Loom, CraftsCrafts are a fun and creative way to teach your children about a variety of topics. Children are hands-on learners, and always learn best when having fun! In our homeschooling classroom, I keep plenty of craft supplies at the ready to create a variety of projects.

Recently, I’ve been using my craft supplies to teach the children about different cultures. You can create a craft from almost any country and spark a lesson or discussion about an interesting new culture! Here are a few to get you started.

  1. Australia: Craft your own wooden or paper boomerang. Let your child paint it in bright colors, or even the colors of the Australian flag (red, white, and blue). Talk about the different animals you’d find in Australian, or about the Aboriginal people, their customs and food.
  2. Native Americans: Make a beaded bracelet or feather headdress. This is a great craft to do around Thanksgiving and talk about the Pilgrims and the Indians at the first Thanksgiving. We used the ALEX Native American Bead Loom to create some gorgeous and intricate bracelets!

Native American Bead Loom, ALEX Toys

  1. Brazil: Design your own colorful Carnival mask, or create maracas. Talk about the importance of music to this South American country, or the yearly Carnival celebration.
  2. Scotland: Design your own kilt, or make a “Nessie” (Loch Ness Monster) out of clay. Talk about the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, or about Scottish fashion.
  3. Japan – Dabble in the art of Japanese paper-folding. We had fun with our Origami & Kirigami Kit, and created a whole zoo full of animals!

ALEX crafts

You can use crafts to teach children almost anything. ALEX has a fun paper folding craft kit called Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes that can be used to learn about aviation and explorers through time, let your imaginations soar to also include space travel! For preschoolers, a great starter kit is Ready, Set, Fold!

Crafts are a great way to stimulate creativity, learning and imagination! Follow ALEX on Facebook for more great teaching ideas!

Today’s guest blogger is Angie Knutson, a homeschooling mom of four children, ages 4 to 11. Angie created her parenting and review blog,, four years ago and now also writes for, and, where she shares tips about motherhood, parenting, homeschooling, marriage, and crafting projects. Follow her on Twitter at @MyFourMonkeys.

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