We’re Going On a Picnic!

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Picnic BasketThe kids and I have been enjoying the cooler weather of fall so much! The breezy days, soft green grass and colorful fall leaves make a perfect backdrop for a picnic. Surprise the kids by sneaking one in after school, or on a weekend before the cold of winter really sets in and you’ll be indoors more.

Fill a picnic basket then head out on an adventure at the park or nearby river. It’s fun to lay on your picnic blanket and admire the changing leaves, send the kids off on a scavenger hunt, or pack outdoor games for them to play after eating. Whether it’s impromptu or planned, here’s a list of our picnic must-haves.

  • Picnic Basket: We have a super cute kid-sized wicker picnic basket that’s always on hand for when the mood strikes for “pretend” picnics indoors with their teddy bears and stuffed animals or for an outdoor adventure! It comes complete with utensils, plates, and cups for four people so we just have to add snacks or lunch and we’re set.
  • Blanket or picnic mat: You can use any blanket you have; make it big enough for everyone to spread out on. Roll-up picnic blankets with a water-resistant underside are a worthwhile investment and handy to keep in the car for any outdoor event (fireworks, concerts).
  • Yummy Finger Foods: For “unplanned” picnics, raid the pantry or the fridge for apples, bananas, nuts, trail mix, fruit roll ups or anything the kids like and are easy to throw in the basket. For planned picnics that include lunch, PB&J, fried chicken, wraps and carrots and celery sticks are always favorites. Picnicking in the fall makes it a bit easier since heat isn’t an issue for food spoiling. Don’t forget water and juice.
  • Toys and games: After a yummy picnic treat, my kids like to play games like sack racing and kick ball. In the fall you can take advantage of the fall leaves and trees with a scavenger hunt, or use the outdoors as a change of scenery for reading school books.

Picnic Fall Trees

  • Essentials for clean up and storage: Wet wipes, paper towel roll, a couple extra plastic bags to store uneaten food and garbage bags to through away trash and store dirty dishes to wash later are always helpful items.

Throw in some hungry, smiling children and you’re good to go! Picnics can be planned or spontaneous. If you keep your picnic essentials on hand, it’s super easy to throw some finger foods together and go at a moment’s notice, whenever the picnic urge hits. And who says you have to go somewhere? Have a picnic in your own backyard!

Leave a comment and tell us your picnic favorites!

Today’s guest blogger is Angie Knutson, a homeschooling mom of four children, ages 4 to 11. Angie created her parenting and review blog, MyFourMonkeys.com, four years ago and now also writes for DoubleDutyDivasBlog.comTommyNelson.com, and ChiquitaMoms.com, where she shares tips about motherhood, parenting, homeschooling, and crafting projects. Follow her on Twitter at @MyFourMonkeys.

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