Top 8 Tips for Ensuring a Stress Free Road Trip with Kids!

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Secrets of success Car trips with kids

It’s that time of year! Between shopping, wrapping, prepping, and packing, it can be stressful. Getting everyone ready for the road trip, in the car and peaceful for the long drive can add to the stress. Make it easier on yourself with these tips to help ensure a great road trip and happy travel companions!

1. Little Surprises: Head over to your local dollar store before your trip and select a few special treats (dress-up jewelry, little cars, crayons & coloring books, figurines, etc.), wrap each one up, and use them throughout your journey as rewards for good behavior (or break one out to prevent a melt-down if you sense one coming!)

2. Playlist: Before your trip, sit down with your little ones and come up with a list of songs that make them happy (Wheels on the bus, ABCs, Old McDonald, etc.); we add little picture references so my girls, who can’t read yet, can still identify the songs on the list.

3. Library Time: Let your kids each select a bunch of new books, CDs or DVDs (if you will have a portable or installed DVD player) that they are excited to bring on the trip.

4. Comfy & Cozy: Encourage your little ones to bring something soft and cozy from home with them on the ride – a small blanket, pillow or stuffed animal – and let them take off their shoes once they’re buckled in. If you’re lucky, maybe they will doze off for a bit in the back seat.  (Fingers crossed!)

5. Snacks, Snacks & More Snacks: Make sure to pack some for the adults, too.

6. Trash Talk: To help keep your car from getting trashed, set up little garbage bags that are accessible from any seat in the car before you head out.

7. Spontaneous Detour!: Unless you are on a really tight schedule, if you spot something on the way that you think could be fun, take the opportunity to stretch your legs and check it out –you never know what unique things you might find! (Our girls spotted an alpaca farm on our last trip!)

8. Oldies But Goodies: These classic car trip games can be fun and help pass the time for passengers of all ages: Twenty Questions, License Plate Game, I Spy, Counting Cows, even keeping an eye out for fun colored cars!

Do you have any family tricks for road trip success?

Today’s guest blogger is Shana, a keen crafter, a mac & cheese maker, boo-boo kisser and one big kid who never fully grew up! After college, she landed her dream job designing toys, creating fun products and designs. We’re fortunate to have her share her creative crafting ideas on the ALEX blog!

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