How to Make a Cookie Bouquet

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Valentine's Day Treats for Valentine’s Day is the special day dedicated each year to show our friends, family and sweethearts how much we love them. It’s often celebrated by giving fancy cards, chocolates and flowers.

This year, instead of the expected bouquet of flowers, surprise your loved one with a unique and yummy twist to your gift: a cookie bouquet!

They’re easy and fun to make and your extra personal touch will not go unnoticed!

Here’s all you need to get going:

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Printable: Cup Critters

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PMake new friends with Cup Critters! Just cut and paste to create a dog and cat critter, Hungry Hank and Scared Sam.

What to do next is up to you!

Here’s an idea!

Having a birthday party? Cup critters is an easy craft for kids to do on there own with little help, making it a successful group project. Gather enough paper cups and print out characters for your party guests and set up a craft table. After the kids make their critters, they can be used as a place setting, or when turned upside down can hold candy from the pinata!

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Five Ways to Say I Love You

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It’s important to make the time to show your children how much you love them.

The special touch will go a long way for both you and them.

Here are five ways to say “I Love You” with actions that speak louder than words.

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Kids Treats for Valentine’s Day: Chocolatier Fun!

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Make your own chocolateChocolate is a favorite indulgence any time, made even more special on Valentine’s Day! The world’s finest chocolatiers work hard on their Valentine’s Day creations, introducing new and scrumptious treats for the big day.

Mouthwatering flavors, innovative shapes in vibrant colors…all wrapped up in irresistible boxes and bows; the perfect gift on chocolate day!

Now you can be just like the famous chocolatiers and make your own sweet confections with My Chocolate Shop.

We had a fun afternoon making gourmet kids treats for Valentine’s Day, check it out!

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“Love is a Work of Art” #ALEXart Twitter Party 1/24 at 9 PM EST {RSVP Linky}

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Do you like arts & crafts or learning about creative activities for the kids?

Enjoy Twitter parties?

Then you won’t want to miss our “Love is a Work of Art”  Twitter Party THIS THURSDAY (1/24) 9 PM – 10 PM EST! #ALEXart

We’ll be giving away over $175 worth of children’s arts and crafts products! Join us and our hosts, @MyFourMonkeys and @MamaSmiles, to share your favorite Valentine’s Day arts and crafts activities, and to snag a few new ones!!

Here’s the rundown on the party details…

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Printable: Juice Box City

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Welcome to Juice Box City, population – how ever many juice boxes you can drink!

Take a drive down Orange Lavaburst Lane or see what’s happening at Flashin’ Fruit Punch Park. The best part about this craft printable is the added play value. The kiddies will be happy to build an entire town that they can cruise around with their toy cars. These buildings are a great addition to any playmat,  or the little ones can continue to get creative by drawing their own roads and scenery to build around.

What are you waiting for? Starting drinking those juice boxes! Get out your crafting tools and start building your very own town.

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Conquer Gloom: Fun Ideas for Bad Weather and Sick Kids

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There are two times when I find parenting particularly challenging: dark, gloomy days that my kids and I are tempted to reflect in our moods and that period of illness where a child is too sick to go to school but not quite sick enough to simply rest.

Here are my favorite ways to conquer the gloom whether it is due to sickness or weather!

Rainy Day Kids Activities

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Printable: Party Hat

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TAny day can be a day to celebrate with these fun and festive printable craft party hats! Test your cutting skills by cutting along the dotted lines of the two sides of the party hat, paste on the confetti pieces and you’re ready to throw yourself a party!

Is there a birthday party coming up in your house? Print out enough pages for all of your party guests to create their own!

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Happy Birthday!

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bday clubAre you planning a February birthday party for your son or daughter? Not sure what to do with the 20 little one’s who will be running circles through your house? Let us help! We’re excited to introduce our new Birthday Club giveaway!

Each month ALEX will select (1) lucky winner to receive either an activity or party favors for up to 20 kids that will help make their child’s birthday party even more fun! The birthday boy or girl will also receive a birthday present from ALEX, chosen just for them!

If your little one is lucky enough to celebrate a February birthday, click here to enter —>a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Entry is only valid through Rafflecopter. Commenting on this post is mandatory. In addition, there are also ways to earn bonus entries.

6 Ways to Pretend Play Birthday All Year Round

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6 Ways to Pretend Play Birthday All Year Round

If your kids are like mine, their birthday is their favorite day of the year. In fact, my kids make elaborate plans for crafts, parties, and gifts months and months before the actual birthday date. All of which are subject to change at any moment.

Birthdays are the best.

So, I just go with it. We pretend play birthday all the time.

We sing Happy Birthday in the car to them, to me, to all our relatives, to our pets, to our toys.

We play birthday party, too.

And do you know what? It’s great to play birthday because while you’re playing, you’re sneaking in lots of learning opportunities.

Here are some ideas for your next pretend play birthday bash.

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