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bday clubAre you planning a February birthday party for your son or daughter? Not sure what to do with the 20 little one’s who will be running circles through your house? Let us help! We’re excited to introduce our new Birthday Club giveaway!

Each month ALEX will select (1) lucky winner to receive either an activity or party favors for up to 20 kids that will help make their child’s birthday party even more fun! The birthday boy or girl will also receive a birthday present from ALEX, chosen just for them!

If your little one is lucky enough to celebrate a February birthday, click here to enter —>a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Entry is only valid through Rafflecopter. Commenting on this post is mandatory. In addition, there are also ways to earn bonus entries.


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  1. Hi, my daughter just turn two, the party was on December 21th and she loves Hello Kitty so that’s the theme for her party!

  2. My son will be turning 2 on Feb 9th and that is the day of his party. We are doing a combo party with my older son who will be 5 so the theme of the party is Star Wars and space.

  3. HOw am I the only comment with so many entries already? Hope you check! My twin boys will be 3 on Feb 14 and they love dinos and planes/cars/trains!

    • Hello Kerri,
      Thanks for entering, good luck! We’re checking and posting comments as they come in!!!! Also, total entries includes the bonus entries as well 🙂

  4. Hi my son will be 4 yrs old. His birthday party is the 16th of Feb. and the theme is silly monsters!!!!

  5. i would love to win this for my nephew ody who’s turning 2 on february 20th!

  6. Hi !I’m Diane (Oma) and my Grandson’s birthday is Feb 10th and he will be 7 yrs old.I think he is having a baseball party this year.He loves Dinosaurs and Cars

  7. My daughter will be turning 3 on Feb 22! Thank you for this opportunity!

  8. My son Ryker will be turning 5 on Feb. 6th, I think we are having his party on the 10th, and I am not sure what theme will be using yet. Need to get on the ball

  9. My daughter is turning 11 on Feb 1st and is having a princess themed party.

  10. My son will be 3 on Feb. 20th and we just started with the party planing. 🙂

  11. My daughter turns 7 on Feb. 25. She wants a “My Little Pony” party. We would love to have ALEX Toys be a part of the fun!

  12. my nephew will be having a party in feb..his party is cars =) =)

  13. Hi, my grand-daughter is turning 3, the party is December 21th and she loves Tigger so that’s the theme for her party!

  14. My daughter is turning 3 , she love Elmo, so that will be the theme for her party!

  15. Hi, my son turns 4 on February 25th!!! WE haven’t picked a theme yet, but he loves anything with a motor, outer space, and dinosaurs!! Thanks!! ;-D

  16. My niece turns 5 on Feb 12- still figuring out the party.

  17. Having 2 birthday parties in February for a 6 yr old and a 1 year old!

  18. Hi, my son is turning five, the party is February 2nd and he loves painting n messy play so that’s the theme for his party

  19. My daughter is turning 4 in February, and she loves science: rocks, robots, outer space… Haven’t narrowed down the theme just yet, but it will most likely include at least one of those elements. (And will obviously have a girly spin, as she is such a girly girl!)

  20. My son’s b-day is Feb 23.

  21. There will be two birthday girls in the house in February. Lauren turns 5 on the 22nd, and her baby sister Claire turns 1 on the 15th. We’ll have a family lunch for Claire, and Lauren is thinking that she’d like a visit form Sleeping Beauty to celebrate her special day.

  22. My son is turning 4 on Valentine’s day…. He loves dinosaurs and trains. We would love to win this since this will be the first party he has with school friends.

  23. My son turns 2 and the party is on 9th Feb. Te theme would be Under the sea.

  24. My little Alex will be not so little come February 23 when he turns 3. He loves the Alex toys for obvious reasons. 🙂

  25. Hi, my daughter is turning 3 in feb ,the party is on feb 17 she loves monkeys mickeymouse and elmo so We havent picked a theme yet

  26. Does giving birth in February count? We love Alex toys in our house.

  27. Hi, my son is turning 4 on February 22nd, not sure when we are having a party yet…….the theme for the party will be Jake and the never land pirates.

  28. Thank you

  29. My daughter will be turning three and her party is planned for Feb 9th! We are going with a cowgirl theme as she LOVES horses.

  30. I would love to win this for my nephew who’s turning 5 on february

  31. Combining my sons 4th birthday with our newborns Baptism! Going to be a busy day and double the people!

  32. Hi! My son is turning 1! Where has the time gone? His birthday is February 27th and his party will be that same evening. He loves cars, balls, and blocks. We arnt sure what his party theme will be yet but we are leaning towards Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Just a “My First Birthday”.

  33. My son is turning 4. We are having a fire fighter theme for him.

  34. Hey there Alex Toys! Our daughter will be turning 5 on Feburary 7th and her party is scheduled for the 9th. She LOVES Hello Kitty so we are going with that theme. Thank you for this fantastic giveaway!

  35. My youngest baby will be turning 1 on Feb 1st. Her party will be on Feb 2nd and we are hoping for a Sock Monkey-tastic! Party

  36. My grandson will turn 3 on February 12 and he loves cars to play with.

  37. my daughter zuleyka
    is turning 9 on feb. 23 2013.

  38. We have a 2nd birthday on February 26th!!! Daddy is away at Ft. Stewart in Georgia, so anything to make his big day extra special would be awesome!!!

  39. My daughter will be 7 on Feb 11th she loves to craft and we love Alex toys:) Hope she wins Her party is on Feb 16th we will be doing crafts at the party its a horse theme:) Michelle

  40. My daughter will be turning 7 on February 22, we are going to do a princess theme and going to have her party on the 23rd.

  41. My Izzy will be 5 on Feb 21. We have just started trying to figure out her party plans but she loves art, babies, bugs and pink so there is no telling what our theme will be!

  42. Hi 😉 My youngest son will be turning 2 years old on February 2nd. We are doing a Monster Theme on February 2nd since he loved the movie Monsters Inc when we took our boys to see it in the theater. This would be awesome to win for him since we are moving the middle of February to a new location and this will be our last Birthday Party here with all his friends and family.

  43. Hello! My daughter is turning 6 on February 16. Don’t know the theme of the party yet. She is really into princesses and dressing up and there is sure to be a lot of pink!

    • Hi Shanna, We sent you an email on Friday notifying you as the winner of the February Birthday Club contest! Please let us know if you received it. If not please email connect@alextoys.com so we can reply back. Thank you and congratulations!

  44. My niece is turning on June 18th and her theme is probably going to be monster high!

  45. Hi, my son is turning 4 on February 1st. We’re having his party on February 2nd. He loves super heros and dinosaurs and we’re having a super hero theme party!!! He can’t wait

  46. Hi Alex Toys,

    First off, my oldest son is named Alex (age 5) and we LOVE our Alex toys and crafts. Also, my son Alex loves your bags since his name is all over them. Thank you for making such terrific products! We are planning a birthday party for our third son, Reilly, who will be 2 on Feb. 11th. Our little love’s party will be Saturday, Feb. 9th. We are planning a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. We will have kids of all ages there, too, to celebrate this wonderful milestone.

    Thanks so much – Rachel

  47. My daughter will be 3 February 6th. This would be so helpful. We are doing a really girly pink theme. Thank you for your generosity.

  48. My Daughter is turning 3 on February 6th. We are having a really girl theme. We are super excited she has grown so much this past year. A long way from her preemie days! Thank you for your generosity!

  49. My son will be turning 4 on February 16 and he loves cars and monsters, His party will be on the 16th of February.

  50. Hello my nephew is turning 3 on Feb 12th and this would be great surprise for him and my brother. My brother has full custody and is raising his son and this would be so wonderful to give them 🙂 thanks for the chance

  51. “Hi, my granddaughter is turning 1, the party is February 7th and she loves pink rabbits and green watches so that’s the theme for her party!”

  52. My daughter is turning 5, party February 16th. She wants a Strawberry Shortcake party.

  53. My middle daughter will be turning 10 on Feb 14th we will be having her party on sat feb 9th she loves arts and crafts there will be kids of all ages there thank you for the chance to win

  54. My little girl will be the big ONE in February! We’re doing a jungle safari theme : )

  55. My granddaugter will be turning 5 on Feb 6th. She loves many things ,so any theme would probably be good. As long as there are a lot of ballons, which she loves!

  56. My son will be turning 5 on Feb. 24th. We will also be having his party on this day and the theme will be Spiderman! He loves superheroes!

  57. My daughter will be turning 4 on February 22. We are having a Princess party for her.

  58. My baby girl, Amber, will be turning 2 on February 11th! We will be having a milk & cookies party and the theme is butterflies & flowers! I am especially making her cake homemade, 2 circle cakes with different colored stripes, polka dots, butterflies, flowers & stars:).

  59. My grand daughter is having a upcoming birthday and I would so love to surprise her with this!

  60. Hi! My daughter will be turning 4 on February 14th – VALENTINE’S DAY! We are thinking of doing a Disney Princess or My Little Pony Theme this year. Whatever we choose it will be fully of sparkle, glitz, and glam!

  61. Hi, my daughter is turning six on February 9! We are planning a party for the same day with 17 little girls, and 1 little boy (her little brother!). Our theme is Snowfairy princess! We love Alex Toys!!!

  62. Hi, ,my daughter is turning 7! April 4th theme not decided yet.. we did bunnies last year and my little ponies the year before…

  63. I could really use this for my son.

  64. My son will be turning three on feb 3rd. my birthday is feb 2nd, he was the best birthday present ever. His party is on feb 10th. he loves baseball and football. We hope to win. tooooo exciting

  65. hi my son is turning 2 on feb the 1st and he love buzz light year and animals so we are tossing up toys story theme or jungle animals theme

  66. My son is turning 6 and his birthday is january 31st and the theme is going to be WWE/John Cena.. he loves wrestling..thanks for the chance!

  67. My daughter will be 3 and we are celebrating on the 17th. We are having a princess theme.

  68. My daughter will be turning 5 years old on Feb. 11, 2013! We are doing an Ariel theme from the Little Mermaid! Thank you!! 🙂

  69. My daughter’s birthday is February 27th She is turning 2. We are doing a Tangled theme. She loves Rapunzel!

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