Five Ways to Say I Love You

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It’s important to make the time to show your children how much you love them.

The special touch will go a long way for both you and them.

Here are five ways to say “I Love You” with actions that speak louder than words.

1. Date Night: Every once in a while make time in your busy schedule to go out on a “date” with your child. Tell them about it before hand so they can look forward to their special one-on-one time all week. Go out for hot cocoa, to a movie, ice cream shop, mini manicures or whatever else gets them excited.

2. Bake Me a Cake: Break tradition and bake one of your little one’s favorite goodies not for their birthday, just because! The look on their face when you present them with a sweet treat for no reason other than you love them will sweeten your day too!

3. Walk Down Memory Lane: Sit down and go through your child’s baby book or baby photo album together with them. Share your favorite and funniest memories that they were too young to remember on their own, they are sure to see how much you loved them then and now.


4. Noteworthy:  Stick little notes and silly pictures in unexpected place to let them know you are thinking about them…in a coat pocket, their cubby, lunch box, under their pillow, or even tape it onto a mirror they use! The surprise will make their day!

5. Top 10 List: Make a top 10 list of your own! Write down or use photos to make a list of the top reasons you absolutely adore your child. You can even put it in a picture frame and let them keep it in their room so they have a constant reminder.

Do you have any special traditions we should try out? Please share!

Today’s guest blogger is Shana, a keen crafter, mac & cheese maker, boo-boo kisser and a big kid at heart! After college, she landed her dream job designing toys, creating fun products for boys and girls. We’re fortunate to have her share her creative ideas on the ALEX blog!

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