How to Make a Cookie Bouquet

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Valentine's Day Treats for Valentine’s Day is the special day dedicated each year to show our friends, family and sweethearts how much we love them. It’s often celebrated by giving fancy cards, chocolates and flowers.

This year, instead of the expected bouquet of flowers, surprise your loved one with a unique and yummy twist to your gift: a cookie bouquet!

They’re easy and fun to make and your extra personal touch will not go unnoticed!

Here’s all you need to get going:

1. Cookie dough

2. Wooden sticks or lollypop sticks (both available at local craft stores)

3. Baking sheet

Use ribbons and fun colored plastic wrap to jazz up your bouquet gift. Another way to really make it look like a real bouquet is to arrange your cookies in a small vase (or cup), just like an edible flowers delivery!

Additional items needed to jazz up your bouquet:

1. Plastic or cello bags (colored ones to add even more flair)

2 Ribbon or fun twist ties, even pipe cleaners

3. Small vase, cup, or mug

Next, follow these easy steps for creating your beautiful, edible bouquet:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some other unique ideas to make this Valentine’s extra special:

1. Flower Twist: make a personal Valentine’s Day flow bouquet. Get white carnations and place them in a mixture of red food coloring and water. It’s fun to watch the magical transformation as the white flowers suddenly become tipped in red.

2. Dinner Delight: Serve a meal with red napkins and heart-shaped white lace doilies that you can find at your supermarket. Place a homemade heart place card at everyone’s seat and  have a candlelight dinner.

3. You’re Special Because: Have each family member make a valentine for another family member telling one thing that they really like about that person. This can be fun with friends, too.

All of these fun ideas are from our Kid Concoctions Weird, Wacky & Wild Stuff book that has 225 “recipes” for all sorts of cool stuff like frosted glass candles, fruity play dough, super bubble ooze, doggy treats and lots more!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today’s guest blogger is Shana, a keen crafter, mac & cheese maker, boo-boo kisser and a big kid at heart! After college, she landed her dream job designing toys, creating fun products for boys and girls. We’re fortunate to have her share her creative ideas on the ALEX blog!

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