Five Ways to Get Your Preschooler in the Valentine’s Day Mood

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How to teach your preschooler about Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we are gearing up for a day of LOVE at our house.

From the oldest to the youngest, my kiddos adore Valentine’s Day. It’s a special day to celebrate love – the love you have for each other, and your friends.

Sometimes preschoolers don’t quite understand what Valentine’s Day is all about, and as a traditionally adult-geared holiday, that’s understandable.

Here are five fun ways you can add a little Valentine’s love into your day that will both entertain and educate your little one.

1. Create handmade valentines: Use bits of red paper, fabric, lace, ribbon and more to create one-of-a-kind, “from the heart” Valentine’s Day cards for your friends and family. Give your preschooler a chance to cut, glue, and create an original masterpiece. Teach them how to cut a heart from a folded piece of paper (My little one loved learning this!), and emphasize the fact that hearts are a symbol of love. My Crafty Kit has tons of craft bits and pieces that are perfect for this project.

2. Use your fingers to learn about hearts: My youngest child has difficulty drawing hearts. He has mastered many other shapes, but tends to get frustrated when trying to get the right proportions. So, for Valentine’s Day, we are going to use our fingers to master this shape. Finger painting is so much fun, and something that most little ones enjoy. Gather some washable finger paints, large pieces of art paper, and something to protect your table. We like to use the No Mess Finger Paint Tray. It really cuts down on the mess, and makes the perfect surface for my preschooler to paint on. Get in there and show them how it’s done. Dip your finger in the red paint (or any color, really) and slowly draw a heart on the paper with your finger. Encourage them to try it themselves. It may take a few tries, but before long they should be a master at drawing hearts!

3. Read a book about love:  Kids love being read to. Pick up a book at your local library or bookstore that has a Valentine’s Day theme, or a book that celebrates your love for your child. Sit down and have some quite time, just you and your child. We are big fans of How Do You Hug a Porcupine? by Laurie Isop and Huggy Kissy by Leslie Patricelli.

4. Dress in red: Celebrate Valentine’s Day by dressing in red. Have every member of your family wear something red that day.

5. Bake a sweet treat: From cupcakes to cookies, the possibilities are endless! Kids love to help out in the kitchen, so be sure to pick a recipe that is easy for them to help with. Put them in charge of adding sprinkles or red and pink frosting to any sweet treat (store bought or homemade). You could even place some of the treats in a baggie or treat box and share with a neighbor or friend! A great way to spread the love this Valentine’s Day!

Find more ideas to celebrate Valentines’ Day with your child on the ALEX Toys Valentine’s Day Pinterest board!

Today’s guest blogger is Angie Knutson, a homeschooling mom of four children, ages 4 to 11. Angie created her parenting and review blog,, four years ago and now also writes for, and, where she shares tips about motherhood, parenting, homeschooling, marriage, and crafting projects. Follow her on Twitter at @MyFourMonkeys.

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