Happy Birthday, March!

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bday2Are you planning a March birthday party for your son or daughter? Not sure what to do with the 20 little one’s who will be running circles through your house? Let us help! We’re excited to introduce our new Birthday Club giveaway!

Each month ALEX will select (1) lucky winner to receive either an activity or party favors for up to 20 kids that will help make their child’s birthday party even more fun! The birthday boy or girl will also receive a birthday present from ALEX, chosen just for them!

If your little one is lucky enough to celebrate a March birthday, click here to enter —> a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Entry is only valid through Rafflecopter. Commenting on this post is mandatory. In addition, there are also ways to earn bonus entries.


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  1. Girl and princess theme !!shes turning 4 yay!

  2. Hi, my daughter is turning four, the party is March 25th and he loves Disney princesses so that’s the theme for her party

  3. My daughter Stella is turning 3 on March 10th but we are having her party on March 9th. She loves dressing up as a Princess so that’s going to be the theme of her birthday party this year!

  4. My son will be turning 6…OMGosh, I can’t believe that! Anyways we are hoping to have his party on March 9th, weather and jobs permitting.

  5. Hi, my twin girls are turning one! The party is March 9th with their birthday on the 11th. The theme is pinwheels and pearls! We are so excited!

  6. My little girl will be turning 2 on March 12th (sniff sniff)!! Her birthday party is going to be on the 9th. She loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar so we are going to have a party themed around the book, caterpillars, and butterflies! 🙂

  7. My daughters is turning 3 on march 6th and we will be having her party on March 9th. She loves Tinkerbell, and anything sparkly so we will be having a Princess party.

  8. My daughter, Adelyn, will be celebrating her 1st birthday on March 9th. Her theme is “Winter ONEderland”!

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  9. María Esperanza is turning 6 on March 18!!! She loves arts and crafts and playing pretend games!!!

  10. Hi, my daughter will be turning 4, her party is on march 23rd and were having a ROCKSTAR princess party.

  11. My daughter is turning 4. The party is on march 23rd and its a ROCKSTAR princess theme

  12. Our little lassie will be 2 on March 17th. We’re leaning towards a St. Patrick’s Day theme, but with lots of pink mixed in.

  13. Hi, my son is turning 7, the party is March 7th and he loves cars for his party theme!

  14. boy, 13, loves video games and humorus . he has a great sense of humor,march 18

  15. Hi, my son Reagan is turning 3 on March 15th and he loves cars, so that will be his party theme 🙂

  16. I have a daughter that is turning 7 and her party is March 23rd. She just loves crafts and all things around it. Her theme is gymnastics.

  17. Hello! My daughter is turning two and her party is March 9th. We are doing a music theme!!

  18. my little girl will be turning 3 march 20th. she is a ball of energy so much fun to be around. shes having a princess theme for the princess she is!

  19. Hi my son will be turning 3 on march 27th. he loves trains we will be having a thomas the train party

  20. My daughter will be celebrating her 3rd birthday.

  21. Hi my little brother will be turning 7 his birthday is March 15 and his party theme is race cars!

  22. My daughter is turning 10 on march 18. She loves adventure time, puppies, and stuffed animals! 🙂 No date set yet.

  23. My twins turn 12 on march 13, they are boy and girl. My daughter like justin bieber them, of course and he like monsters and dinos, what a combination!

  24. Hello,my grandson Alex will be 9 years old on March 11,2013.I don’t know the party theme,but he loves trains,cars,

  25. My dauther’s turning 7!! wow time flies!! on march 26 and knowing her it’ll prob be princess themed but we haven’t planned it yet!

  26. My Son Devon will be turning 5 on March 20th and he loves Cars and Trains so our theme will probably be a mix of those things he likes best!

  27. Our little man will be turning 1, the party is Sunday, March 24th and the theme for his party is a baby safari lion because he loves to RoAr!
    HaPpY Birthday to all!!!

  28. my daughter is turning 5!!!!!! her party is going to b mid april! and the theme is princess!

  29. My daughter will be three on March 18th. Her March 17th birthday party will be circus themed because she loves Dumbo and we love her!

  30. Hi, my son is turning 3, the party is March 29th and he loves cars so that’s the theme for his party!”

  31. Hi, my daughter is turning three, the party is March 24th and she loves Disney princesses so that’s the theme for her party

  32. My little boy is turning 2! We’re hoping to have his party on the 24th. He loves super heros, so we’re letting everyone dress up as their favorite! (Mommy and Daddy too!)

  33. Hey! My little girl will be turning one on March 13th, and her party is March 24th. The theme will be Mod Monkeys. 🙂

  34. My son is turning 2, his party is on March 23. He loves trucks, cars and trains so we might do that for his party theme. Thank you

  35. Hi,

    My daughter Sophia will be turning 2 on March 6. We are having an Abby Cadabby party on March 9th.

  36. my daughter is turning 9 her party is on march 23rd and it happens to be her birthday that day and her party is carnival themed… thx

  37. thanks for a awesome giveaway this would help out allot

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