Printable: Make A Street

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On the road again…To build your very own street! Choose the trees that line the sidewalks and the buildings that call your street home. Hey! Who’s that driving by?

This craft printable is as easy as cut and paste but there is always a way to get creative and to continue the fun.

Have your little one tell a story about their street: Use these questions to prompt them. What is the name of your street? Who lives on it? What do the kids like to do for fun?

Build an entire town: Paste the street onto a larger piece of construction paper. They can draw parks and ponds or whatever else they want around their street and the people who live there. You can also print out multiple copies of the printable and build up the whole block!

Where do you live? This activity can also be useful for learning your address. Have them write out the name of the street you live on and label one of the buildings with your house number. It’s never to early to learn this!

What You Need:

  • Safety Scissors

  • Glue

  • 3 Page Printable – (Click  images to download)

MakeAStreet-01 MakeAStreet-02 MakeAStreet-03

How To Make It:

MakeAStreet-04 MakeAStreet-05 MakeAStreet-06 MakeAStreet-07 MakeAStreet-08

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