Happy Birthday, April!

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bday2Are you planning an April birthday party for your son or daughter? Not sure what to do with the 20 little ones who will be running circles through your house? Let us help! We’re excited for another month of our Birthday Club giveaway!

Each month ALEX will select (1) lucky winner to receive either an activity or party favors for up to 20 kids that will help make their child’s birthday party even more fun! The birthday boy or girl will also receive a birthday present from ALEX, chosen just for them!

If your little one is lucky enough to celebrate an April birthday, click here to enter —> a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Entry is only valid through Rafflecopter. Commenting on this post is mandatory. In addition, there are also ways to earn bonus entries.


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  1. Hey Alex!!!
    My little boy, Gabriel is turning 4 in April- 4/17/09 is his birthday. PLEASE enter him to win!!! We LOVE Alex Toys!!!!

  2. I’m planning my son’s 6th birthday party on his birthday, April 18th. We’re hoping to have it at Chuck E Cheese. So far, no theme yet!

  3. My daughter will 5 on the 17th of April and my birthday is the 19th. 🙂

  4. Hi Alex,

    My daughters’ turn 6 on April 5th, and the theme is a Princess/Tea party for them.They would love to win a birthday party. thanks

  5. my daughter will be turning 4 on april 4th, her party is on april 6th and her theme is dora

  6. I would love to win this for my niece who turns one on 4/27!

  7. my daughter will be 4 on April 4th. her party is on April 6th, and its a dora theme

  8. Hi, My twin girls with be turning 4 on April 16th. The only thing they agree on is their love of the color pink, so the theme of the party with be all things pink. We are planning their party for April 20th. Let’s home we win the giveaway!

  9. I have double birthdays on one day my son is 05-27-03 and daughter same day is turning one. The theme yet. I’m not sure I’m thinking just a traditional birthday theme


  10. Hi my name is Amy , my son’s birthday is April 15 turning 3 and my daughters is April 11 turning 7 we will be doing a pirate mermaid theme for a combined party 😉

  11. My daughter will be turning 3 on April 3rd but the party is on April 7th. She loves all things purple and princess so we will be doing a Princess theme 🙂

  12. My daughter is turning 6 on April 18, we’re having a cooking party on April 28

  13. My son is turning 1!!! His Birthday and the party is on April 20th! He love space and rockets and robots and can point out all the planets hanging in his room when asked! We are having a robot space party!

  14. My son, Alistair, is turning 1! He loves robots and outer space and can point out all the planets that are hanging in his room when asked! We are doing a robot space theme! His Birthday and his party are on April 20th!

  15. Hi my daughter will be turning 7 on April 9th and she’s having a princess tea party theme for her birthday!! 🙂

  16. My son will be turning 5 on April 8th! He is so excited to be turning 5! We hope to have some friends over for a fun day to celebrate! He loves letters, numbers, and trains!! :o)

  17. Hi, my daughter is turning 5, the party is April 14th and and the theme is princess!

  18. Hello Alex! My daughter is turning 2 on April 22nd but her party will be 20th! She loves monsters. Especially the ones from Yo Gabba Gabba, so that’s her theme.

  19. My nephew will be turning 2 on March 27th which is the date of the party. It will be a theme with trains.

  20. My nephew Ian is turning 2 on March 27th which is he date of his party. He will have a party theme with trains.

  21. My little brother Kenan is turning 4 on April 22nd! We are unsure of the theme yet, but he loves trucks, trains, and planes, so maybe something along those lines.

  22. My son is turning 3 and he loves golf so we are having a golf-themed party on April 20!

  23. My daughter turns 6 April 20th. This would be great since she plans on inviting her whole class.

  24. My daughter Sofia will turn 6 on May 11. She wants to have a Safari-themed party at our house. I’m thinking of having the kids make animal masks and maybe take a safari trip through our backyard, where they will find….something. Haven’t got it all figured out yet!

  25. My grandson will turn 4 on April 6th and he is having a Curious George themed party. My granddaughters is on MAy 3rd and she will be 2. Her theme is puppies.

  26. Hi! My daughter is turning six, the party is April 6th and she loves princesses so that’s the theme for her party!

  27. My daughters birthday is April 18th she will be turning 6 and the theme of her party is Pets! We love Alex Toys!!!

  28. My nephew will be turning 5 on April 25th! We’re planning a dinosaur train party!!

  29. Hi our oldest daughter is turning 7 April 14th. We have a vintage tea party theme in planning. Every little girls dream, pink, bows, fancy dresses, tea cups, and little sandwiches. What an adventure it will be. Tammy @inRdream

  30. Hello! Our daughter turns 8 end the very end of March. Her party is probably going to be April 6th or 7th! (Date not set in stone yet.) She is trying to decide between a princess or Hawaiian theme!

  31. Our daughter will turn 3 on 4/19. We are celebrating on 4/27 with a princess theme!

  32. My grandSON’s FOURTH birthday PARTY is going to be on April 13th or 14th. We’re still finalizing plans. The PARTY THEME will be either Power Rangers or Dragon Ball Z Kai. He is a huge fan of both shows and loves martial arts and action figures. Poor Grandma (me) gets karate up all of the time. LOL Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. My daughter will be 4 on April 27th. We are having a Princess party for her on April 20th. We have loved ALEX toys from the very beginning…ALEX bath toys are our favorite!

  34. “Hi, my son is turning 2,on april 3rd, the party is April 7th and he loves mickey mouse so that’s the theme for his party!

  35. I would love to win this for my nephew who turns two on April4th

  36. My son’s birthday is April 7th, which is the same day as his party, and he will be turning 3. He loves trains, so the theme will be trains.

  37. Hi, my son will be turning one on April 22nd!

  38. Hi!! My daughter, LILY, will be turning 5 years old on October 23, 2013. I think the theme will be Monkeys since shes a little monkey 🙂 THanks!! Happy Birthday!

  39. I love the Alex Toys. I have a grandson who will be 3 April 28th and one who will be 1, May 18th. Very creative!

  40. My grandaughter is turning 5 on April 2nd. This would be great!

  41. My granddaughter will be 7 on April 7 and I would like this for her.

  42. My son is turning 5 and his party will be August 31. He will be having and outer space/astronaut party!

  43. My son will be turning 7 on April 17th. This would really make his special day even better!

  44. Would love to win this for my 4-29 birthday boy!

  45. My Grandson will turn 2 on April 12, and his party is on April 6 and the theme is Mickey Mouse

  46. “Hi, my daughter is turning 6, the party is a saturday in April 20th, her theme will be Fairy Princess!”

  47. My grandson Dylan is turning 7 on April 24. His party will be the weekend before. I’m not sure what the theme will be this year as he is undecided, but there are always balloons involved. He loves playing cards and games.

  48. hi my son is turning 5 on april 23rdand he is having a dinosaur party on april the 27th at home

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